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Flexicon Automates Workflow to Increase Customer Satisfaction


HALLE/WESTFALEN, GERMANY | Flexicon, supplier of prepress services, reports a new state-of-the-art workflow system enables its staff to focus completely on customers, projects, and creative work.

“We can now complete more orders with the same teams,” says the project manager Marc Lüttig, global technical manager at Flexicon. “The volume is expected to climb to 35,000 jobs this year.” The new system increases efficiency in the short term, he adds, but in the mid term, something more important is at stake. “Specialists for international prepress work are rare. It is easier to free our staff from the burden of routine tasks than to train new specialists.”

Company says an important benefit of the new system is that the automation engine’s intelligent interplay with the web center supports the company in realizing the increasingly important “follow-the-sun” principle: “When a German member of staff leaves at the end of a busy workday, an urgent job can be handed off to a colleague in the US or in China, so that it is finished when the German employee returns to work the following morning.”

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