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DiTrolio Flexographic Institute Offers Cleaning Products


BROADVIEW, IL | The DiTrolio Flexographic Institute (DFI) announces two new cleaning products for pressroom use. Both are available for purchase from DFI, and proceeds will benefit the education of future DFI students. 

Pressroom Helper is a concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreasing solution, formulated to a variety of industry cleaning requirements. Institute says the formula is completely biodegradable and contains no cancer causing agents.

Pressman’s Assistant is a one-step cleaning formula for deep cleaning and removal of water-based inks, UV, coatings, and solvent-based inks. Designed as a maintenance assistant in both press and ink rooms, product can also be used to remove stains or spots on anilox rolls.

The institute was founded to meet the flexographic industry’s need for quality, off-site training at all skill levels. It is approved by both the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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