Kodak Has Certification Program for FLEXCEL NX System Users


ROCHESTER, NY | Kodak reports a global certification program for its FLEXCEL NX System. The program is designed to assure printers and brand owners that the company’s FLEXCEL NX plates produced by certified providers are made to a global standard.

To achieve the certification and earn the right to use the certification mark, companies must demonstrate that the plates they produce, or print with, are consistently made to a standard Kodak global specification, reportedly representing a feature set that drives industry-leading efficiency, stability, and quality in print.

“…the new program will make it even easier for packaging professionals to know they can expect the best for their next project,” says Kuty Paperny, Kodak’s marketing director, Flexo Packaging Solutions. “A number of customers around the world are already in the process of getting certified. Our users are proud and excited to have this program as a visible way to promote their use of FLEXCEL NX Plate technology.”

The FLEXCEL NX System is said to enable print efficiencies that include faster startup times, reduced waste, longer plate life, and reduction in the number of print stations required per job. Company says the broad tonal range, high contrast, and excellent color reproduction allow prepress service providers and converters to compete for business traditionally beyond the capabilities of flexo.

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