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Menges Roller P-S Paper Tests Nipping Systems


WAUCONDA, IL | Menges Roller Co. announces Proof-Nip Impression Paper, reported to be a solution to the problem of uneven nip rollers that generate uneven nip pressure. 

The new material is said to simplify the process of diagnosing the nip problem correctly and accurately measuring the roller modification increments needed to remedy the problem. The paper is designed to be inserted directly between the two nipping rollers, allowing the machine to make a pressurized impression on the paper. Paper, which is ink-impregnated and very sensitive to pressure, then generates clear and visible markings that indicate the exact areas along the nip system where nip pressure is too high or too low.

Company engineers take impressed paper and use special mathematic formulas to calculate the exact amount of crown, reverse-crown, or other roller modification required to generate perfectly uniform nip pressure across the entire nip surface.


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