Flint Group Updates Digital Plates


STUTTGART, GERMANY | Flint Group reports the new nyloflex ACE digital plate runs cleaner on press without the need to stop for regular cleaning cycles. Fewer press stops for cleaning result in jobs running in less time with less waste, providing significant cost savings to the printer.

Plates require less cleaning, company adds, which increases the plate life, since less cleaning results in less surface damage and less mechanical abrasion to the plates. Longer lasting plates increase the number of plate usages, providing more cost savings to the printer.

Company has developed a cost-savings calculator that allows the printer to determine the potential time savings, cost savings, and capacity increase available by switching to the plate. In a promotion, Flint is offering a free trial case of these plates to qualified printers. Interested printers may visit the Flint Group website at to request a free sample of plates and assistance with the cost savings calculator tool.

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