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Tapeswitch Offers Multi-Gate Interlock Switch System


FARMINGDALE, NY | Tapeswitch Corp. offers a new multi-gate monitoring system, consisting of the HE Series noncontact safety interlock switches and multi-gate SCU-1 control unit for machine guarding, where monitoring for a guard is required and locking is not required.

The new line features the HE Series Interlock switches, said to be the latest coded magnetic noncontact switches. They feature fully encapsulated solid state, single point switching with built-in, dual-color, LED status indication. The switches offer a CAT 4, SIL 3 PLe safety performance level.

Solid state outputs offer simple series connection. They offer a 7-mm switching distance and can approach on each other from most angles. The HE Series is IP67 rated. When combined with the SCU-1 control unit, it is a multi-gate switch solution capable of monitoring up to 30 switches in the series. Since the HE series is a HED double switch, it reportedly reduces the amount of wiring for multiple gates and reduces the brackets needed for mounting the switches.

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