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Atofina to Outline Metallocene MDPE Niche at MetCon 2002

HOUSTON, TX, USA—According to Atofina Petrochemicals, its film marketing manager, Rob Maes, will present a paper entitled "Creating a Market Niche for Metallocene MDPE" at the upcoming MetCon 2002. The conference, which highlights developments in polymer catalyst research, is slated for June 6 and 7, 2002, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, Houston, TX.

According to Atofina, Maes will outline the company's first step in commercializing several metallocene polyethylene grades with its patented proprietary catalysts. "Marketed under the trade name 'Finacene,' M 3410 MDPE was introduced to the market in October 2001. Because it offers processability similar to traditional fractional-melt LDPE, it's becoming a popular metallocene resin for applications that typically don't use metallocenes," says the mfr.

Sponsored by The Catalyst Group, MetCon is "dedicated to the technology and products made available through metallocene and single-site catalysts. [The conference] continues this tradition by providing unique coverage of state-of-the-art polymer catalysts and processes, single-site organometallic technologies, and Ziegler-Natta systems. Catalyst manufacturers, resin producers, process licensors, and end-users will all benefit from attending MetCon 2002…, which is designed for catalyst chemists, polymer scientists, process engineers, and polymer-industry business managers and executives." More information about MetCon 2002 is available at catalystgrp.com.

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