Sun Chemical Inks Offer Low Migration


PARSIPPANY, NJ | SunJet, the global inkjet division of Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC Corp., report the launch of EtiJet LM UV low-migration, UV-curing ink range for the digital label market.

SunJet has developed this new platform inkjet technology suitable for all types of piezo printheads and can demonstrate migration levels of <10ppb in inks cured in air with standard mercury lamps. The company says all of the ink components appear on the European positive lists, Swiss Ordinance, and EuPIA, and the inks do not use materials specifically excluded in the Nestle list, meaning the inks meet the highest industry standards for food packaging.

“SunJet’s OEM customers [want to] ensure their equipment has the widest appeal to converters in labels and packaging, meaning that they want to offer low-migration inkjet technology as an option,” says Pete Saunders, Global Business Manager Digital, SunJet. “…We are excited about the new opportunities this new ink technology can deliver.” EtiJet LM UV can also be used in non-food applications on standard label stocks, reportedly giving the press the maximum operational flexibility possible.

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