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Neenah Paper Reports Authentication Label


ALPHARETTA, GA | Neenah Paper, in partnership with Prooftag, reports a new Secure Authentication Label. The papers incorporate a chaometric overt security feature integrated in the paper and authenticated via a patented verification system from Prooftag.

The security solution ensures that each label, tag, or seal is a unique individual fingerprint for authentication. A random fiber orientation in the paper media provides an accessible solution to problems of counterfeiting and forgery enabled by Prooftag’s system for verification, along with other possibilities for a smart label—such as track and trace and building of brand loyalty with customers.

The system is designed for printers to enable web access for authentication by recording labels made on Neenah Secure authentication paper through the Prooftag LABELrec. This equipment has been designed specifically to permit the printer to handle the label registration process. Secure Authentication Labels may be printed with a unique identifier, such as QR, 2D, or alphanumeric code. This code is matched with the random embedded fiber image, and the end-user can verify the authenticity of the code and corresponding fiber image with a smart phone or other verification device along the supply chain.

The fiber image and code are recorded at printing and stored for instant recall and comparison. The fiber image and code can be validated at application and anywhere in the product lifecycle. According to Prooftag VP Franck Bourrieres,”The Neenah Secure Authentication Label provides a cost-effective security that is fully compatible with the production process of digital label converters.” Bourrieres adds that Neenah Paper has been awarded the exclusive right to the Prooftag security system using embedded fibers in North America.

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