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Anderson & Vreeland System Turns Flexo Plates into Digital


BRYAN, OH | With its appointment as a distributor of DigiFlex prepress solutions throughout North America, Anderson & Vreeland offers a unique inkjet CTP system that transforms analog flexo plates into digital plates

DigiFlex equipment includes the FlexoJet 1725 inkjet system developed for narrow web applications that applies an opaque mask on top of the analog plate, eliminating the need for negatives or laser platemaking systems.

The FlexoJet 1725 consists of a precision inkjet printing device with patented Bi-component ink and software that creates the mask on top of the plate. After the image is applied to the plate, the rest of the platemaking process remains the same, minimizing changes to the workflow. Key benefits of the FlexoJet 1725 reportedly include excellent quality, fast makeready, and overall cost savings.

“We’re excited to offer a very affordable digital solution for narrow web plate processing that improves plate quality and productivity while reducing costs,” says Darin Lyon, VP and general manager of A&V. “DigiFlex places us in the unique position to offer our customers alternative products and technologies for digital plate production.”

Adds Digiflex CEO Hezy Rotman, “We are delighted to have A&V as our partner for North America, and we are certain it will enhance our market presence.…”

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