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Catbridge Slitter Offers Speed, Versatility


PARSIPPANY NJ | Catbridge Machinery is offering what is said to be a fast and versatile new duplex center slitter/rewinder. The Model 900, which is capable of speeds to 2,500 fpm and rewind diameters to 32 in., handles a broad variety of applications including label stock, primary films, flexible packaging, and tapes.

Machine is called ideal for narrow web slitting and can be equipped with any combination of shear, score, and razor slitting methods. The Model 900 runs in lay-on or gap winding modes and offers closed or open loop tension.

Other available features include cam-lock or direct-friction style rewind shafts, auto knife positioning, laser core alignment, trim removal, and various loading and unloading systems. A flexible and user-friendly web path can also be adapted to accommodate future needs.

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