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Diagraph Buys Laser Cutter

EAST YORKSHIRE, UK | AB Graphic Intl. reports the sale of its first new series SabreXtreme laser label cutter to Cleveland-based Diagraph of Northern Ohio. The new version includes enhancements to label-cutting software and will enable the company to specialize in very short run label work.

“The laser cutter has enabled us to greatly improve our ability to economically process small-quantity label jobs,” says Diagraph's Mark Uvlin. “It also means we can develop as a trade house by taking on the more troublesome small jobs from other label printers that don't yet have this capability. AB Graphic Intl. cooperated with us to develop and customize the laser for our digital workflow and have been a pleasure to work with.”

SabreXtreme is capable of producing hundreds of different die patterns a day. The system offers network connection, enabling a company's art department to directly load a library of label-cutting patterns to run. The patterns are selected by the operator using bar codes printed on work orders.

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