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RFID Read Heads Get FCC OK


Pepperl+Fuchs has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on ten new RFID read heads.

Tim Cicerchi, RFID product manager for Pepperl+Fuchs, explains, “An increasing number of companies are requiring FCC approval for all products installed in their facility, as products such as WiFi LAN connection equipment, industrial PCs, industrial monitors, and ID systems must work together simultaneously and without electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. Though such approval does not guarantee compatibility between products, or that two products won't interfere with each other, it is the first step in keeping unapproved products and potential electrical noise generators out of one's facility.”

Software Solution Chosen


CRC Information Systems reports Central Decal, Burr Ridge, IL, has signed an agreement to implement THE System business management software for the graphic arts industry. Central Decal will implement a fully integrated software solution from CRC, including Commercial Screenprint Estimating, Raw Material Inventory, Job Costing, Automatic Data Collection, Finished Goods Inventory, and Sales Analysis modules. The company also will implement THE System's core financial accounting package.


Film Suited for Medical Use


Dornier MedTech, a pioneer in the urology market, is using Victrex APTIV film, made with Victrex PEEK polymer, for marking labels on reusable light conductors in its high quality solid-state lasers. Reportedly, APTIV film was selected for its excellent steam sterilization resistance of 134 deg C (273 deg F) and its excellent resistance to aggressive media such as cleaning and disinfecting agents used in laser surgery environments. APTIV film labels can be readily printed using laser marking as well as a number of other conventional printing techniques, the manufacturer adds.

Victrex USA |

Laminator Offers Full Cure

The Digilam 330 system will laminate film on a wide range of narrow web, flexible packaging materials using aqueous adhesive. The off-line system can be used for both digital and conventionally printed webs. Company says a rotary gravure printing head achieves accurate adhesive coating weight and a four-stage, hot air drying system results in full cure. Material thickness can range from 12-350 microns, with a maximum web width of 13¾ in. and process speeds to 200 fpm.

AB Graphic | +44 (0) 1261 671 138 |

Add Colors with Upgrade

The Columbia Turbo Plus printer incorporates two additional print modules that increase the number of printheads to 96 compared with 64 on four-color version. The extra printheads enable press to incorporate white or two additional colors that can be selected from light cyan and light magenta as well as green, orange, or violet. Offers faster productivity for larger print runs.

Inca Digital | +44 (0)1223 577800 |

Printer Driver Adds Support

CUPS (Common UNIX printing System)-based printer driver adds support for company's H-427, H-436, H-626, and H-634 thermal transfer label printers, under UNIX-like operating systems. Driver can be configured to control optional cutter, rewinder, and applicator of the H-Series printers as well as print directly from applications installed on the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris, IRIX, and HP-UX.

Tharo Systems | 800-878-6833 |

Match Brand Logos with Digital Press

The DP-8500 digital color press offers short-run, single-pass, continuous color, photo-quality printing for labels, forms, and tags. Features built-in color management to ensure the correct shades for brand logos and prints at 600 dpi. RIP processor accepts files including images, text, and bar codes from both PCs and Macs through a shared network. Press operates on a patented pinch roller system that allows uniform tension with any media. Cutter/feeder can take media from rolls as large as 5,000 linear ft.

Degrava Systems | 678-323-0340 |

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