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March Narrow Web & Label Reporter

Automatic Converting System

System gelb has a cantilevered design said to make it ideal for converting labels, embossing, and RFID. The six-stage production process is fully automatic and features a turret system. With a maximum working width of 254 mm, machine converts slitting widths from 20 mm up. Winding, rewinding, product removal, core fitting, and gluing stage are handled simultaneously. Machine can be adapted easily for use with different sizes and types of product.
FAES | +41 44 787 54 09 | www.faes.com

Light Cylinders Are Easy to Use

Ultralight print cylinders reportedly provide ease of operation and quick changeovers. Cylinders, available in repeats from 12-24 in., are made of aluminum and are said to be easy to carry and prepare. Cylinders are available on all of company's Flower heads in widths of 370 and 430 mm.
Gidue | +39 (0)2 96681875 | www.gidue.com

Labels Dissolve Completely

Label stock designated WDP3201 dissolves in water completely. This is suited to applications including food service and healthcare where label use often is mandatory but removal may be difficult or forgotten. Labeled containers can be put directly into dishwasher or boiling water without the possibility of labels clogging drains or contaminating food. Features a dissolvable uncoated facestock, company's new MP332 acrylic emulsion adhesives, and a 2.5-mil (40#) supercalendered kraft liner.
MACtac | 800-255-9733 | www.mactac.com

CTP Device Simplifies Workflow

Part of company's RotaPlate line, the tabletop rotaLEX 6610 direct laser exposer is described as a low-cost, small CTP device suitable for digital high quality RotaPlate applications in tag and label printing. System provides a simplified one-step digital workflow by eliminating the need for conventional film, ablative film, or ablative plate processing. Compatible with all available RotaPlate specs, from fine text screens to tactile screens. Said to offer perfect imaging quality, increased productivity, and consistent results from run to run. Features include on-the-fly rastering.
Stork Prints | +31 (0) 485 599296 | www.storkprints.com

Press Cuts Waste

The X-Flex press from Omet offers straight-thru web path design using only 5.5 ft of web/station; gearless/shaftless sleeve design; a new quick-change ink pan design that uses only 8 oz of ink to print; new Vision1 automatic register control system; and new Smart pressure adjustment system. Said to produce low waste, press is available in widths of 340 and 430 mm.
Matik North America | 860-232-2323 | www.matik.com

Facestock for HP Presses

A 60# digital topcoated white semigloss label-grade facestock is certified for HP Indigo ws4050 presses by the Rochester Inst. of Technology. Substrate is available in a 52-in. web width with a variety of PSAs.
Technicote | 800-358-4448 | www.technicote.com

Reduce Photoinitiators

The e-System Inert compact atmosphere UV curing system is designed for narrow web packaging applications and high-speed printing to 400 mpm. Enables the use of ink and coating chemistry with reduced levels of photoinitiators to minimize the risk of taint and odor migration from the packaging. Also can handle silicone coating for release liner and applications for thermal paper manufacturing. Can be supplied with new presses or retrofitted to almost all existing presses, depending on space limitations.
GEW | +44 1737 824500 | www.gewuv.com

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