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Inspect Numbers & More

The LVS 7000 will inspect sequential numbers, barcodes (1D), and DataMatrix codes (2D) to ISO standards and match to a database any variable data plus blemishes, missing, filled in, broken text, etc., on a press or rewind inspection system at line speed. Meets the pharmaceutical industry 21CFR Part 11 compliance ready requirements. System is said to offer true 100% in-line inspection.
Label Vision Systems | 800-432-9430 |

Film Gives High-End Look

COMPUcal Excel 10442 is a UL-recognized 1.0-mil matte topcoated clear polyester film designed for high-performance label applications. Called ideal for use as a matte overlaminate for achieving a high-end look. Company says film also meets a need for a lower-cost, thinner-gauge alternative to the standard 2.0-mil product for a printable base film. Film resists smudging, scratching, moisture, chemicals, and solvents. Polyester release liner offers excellent clarity and surface smoothness, says company, as well as an excellent die-cutting base.
FLEXcon | 508-885-8300 |

Make Water-Based Plates

Aqua Concept 860 WP, designed for the label print market, is a multifunction unit for the production of photopolymeric, water-based plates, both letterpress and flexo UV. Works with PVC or metal-based plates, both water-washable. This capability is said to reduce significantly the environmental impact of the platemaking process, because it is no longer necessary to use any kind of solvent to wash the plate. Maximum size of the plate is 66 x 86 cm, and limited footprint allows installation in smallest production sites, company says.
DeGraf | +39 02 900 90 164/203 | www.degraf-group.comPFFC-ASAP 353

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