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API Foils Launches Hot-Stamping Metallic Foil

LAWRENCE, KS | API Foils announces the North American release of the MV-Plus Series, an enhanced hot-stamping metallic foil product line said to provide high luster and high-speed performance along with the economics needed to compete in today's competitive market.

Company says the series is designed to be cleaner, more broadly applicable, and usable with a greater number of inks than alternative technologies. Also said to exhibit excellent brightness and heat resistance, good adhesion over a wide range of substrates, wide-ranging area capability on coated stock, and over-printability when used in conjunction with ink systems designed for plastic adhesion.

Products are recommended for use with coated and uncoated paper and board, as well as coated and treated films. Available in a range of bright, satin, and matte silvers and golds, typical product applications include cartons and labels.

Benefits are said to include the following:

• Fast run speeds

• Clean converting results

• Availability in 13 colors

• Color matching upon request

• Approved for use on a wide range of printing and stamping presses, including rotary

• Excellent definition in fine- to medium-detail applications

• Continual product enhancement

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