Infiana Adds Extruder at Pennsylvania Plant

MALVERN, PA | Infiana, after the first six successful months as a stand-alone enterprise, is now announcing the first capacity expansion within its global growth plan. The company develops and produces engineered and innovative films for the consumer market and the industry, and it is now investing in an additional extruder capacity at its site in Malvern. The addition will support diversification into new product segments, while continuing to support Infiana's market leading position in building and construction.

Approximately a hundred employees are currently supplying silicone coated release films as well as non-siliconized smooth and embossed films at the Malvern location.

“With this investment we are responding positively to the growing demand within our local and global customer base,” say Robert Shumoski, general manager Infiana North America. “The additional capacity will improve service levels and open up new opportunities in the building and construction and pressure-sensitive markets as well as strengthening our capabilities to supply high quality products in the growing composites and personal care markets in North America.” He adds that the new extruder allows Infiana to enter new markets while improving flexibility in the manufacturing process to support the seasonal demands of its customers.

Peter K. Wahsner, CEO Infiana Group, adds: "We are well on our way to developing North America into a high-caliber business with a broad technology base, efficient equipment, and—more than anything—building on a human capital base that will make our plans in the US a success. This investment is living proof that becoming an independent business backed by a strong shareholder allows us to invest globally in our growth.“


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