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SCA Forest Products Launches One-Side-Coated Paper


HELSINKI, FINLAND | SCA Forest Products offers Solo Print, specially developed for flexible packaging and said to be well suited for bags, wrapping paper, flowpack, and banners. 

One-side-coated product reportedly is characterized by a high print quality and high opacity and is certified for direct contact with dry and fatty food. Also said to be suitable for lamination base or PE/PP coating on the inside to allow for heat sealing and to provide moisture protection. Company says it can be used in board applications, and, thanks to its good profiles and dimensional stability, is suitable as a lightweight liner in corrugated applications.

Solo Print is part of company’s Sustainable Packaging business, with paper based entirely on fresh fiber, making it suitable for applications within the food sector. The new product complements SPLENDO, OPERIO, and PURO, three product lines in the Sustainable group. Products include both coated and uncoated grades and are said to offer features that promote product safety and environmental performance, such as low carbon footprint, fresh fiber from sustainably managed forests, and environmentally compatible production.

“We have applied our extensive knowledge of both printing on paper and packaging solutions in the development of our new products, to combine printing performance with efficient resource management and low cost,” says Rolf Johannesson, marketing director at SCA Forest Products. “We are also proud of our world-class environmental performance.”

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