RKW Danafilms Film Called Impervious to Viruses


WESTBOROUGH, MA | RKW Danafilms announces APTRA, a film said to be impervious to viruses and blood-borne pathogens, resistant to rips and tears from hurricane force winds, and still sufficiently porous to provide optimum breathability in protective garments. 

“APTRA is a lightweight, microporous film that on its own delivers an extraordinary combination of barrier and breathability,” says Rod McDowell, national accounts manager, RKW Danafilms. “And when used in a multilayer film structure, it brings an interesting and unlimited number of opportunities to many marketplaces.”

McDowell explains APTRA has applications across a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial segments, including packaging such as food, dry goods, and cosmetics, medical/hygiene, and many more.

Company says the film’s performance comes from a proprietary extrusion process that yields a highly defined, carefully controlled pattern of particles, the size of which measures less than one-half micron. Reportedly, such precision lends itself well to medical and hygiene applications where compliance with standards on blood-borne pathogens (ASTM F-1670) or viral penetration (ASTM F-1671) is required. Further, certain compositions of APTRA include FDA-approved raw materials for incidental contact, direct contact, or both, depending on a client's specific requirements and end use.

Product can be made part of a variety of multilayer structures, such as spunbond nonwovens, through any number of means of lamination, including point bonding with heated calenders, sonic bonding, heat sealing, and applied adhesives.

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