Color-Logic Partners with Folex


WEST CHESTER, OH | Color-Logic, developer of the Process Metallic Color System, has named Folex, Seewen, Switzerland, a technology partner and has certified Folex DIGIPRINT -IG/SIK for use with the Color-Logic Process. Folex is a supplier of film and paper coated material for the graphic arts industry, distributing a wide variety of coated products in Europe, North America, and Japan.

Richard Ainge, chief technology officer at Color-Logic, says, “Folex DIGIPRINT-IG/SIK is one of the first coated polyester films with a silver metallic surface. The material has been certified by HP Indigo as well as Color-Logic, making it particularly appropriate for Indigo users who wish to capitalize on their white ink capability.”

The film is said to be heat stabilized for good flatness properties, and the coating reportedly provides excellent ink transfer and bonding for consistent image performance.

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