Critical Trends Face-Off

  • When asked to identify new or expanded products/services companies planned to offer in 2009, the responses in each sector naturally varied. In Flexible Packaging, 53% cited laminating as the top response.
  • One-third of the Paperboard Packaging respondents indicated an interest in expanding into printing.
  • Tapes, Labels & Tags also cited printing, but at a higher percentage (53%).
  • Unprinted Rolls & Sheets respondents plan to expand into slitting (36%), coating (34%), and laminating (30%).
  • Investment in R&D has remained stable. However, an impressive 32% of those in Flexible Packaging reported increasing R&D; the least investment is being taken in Paperboard Packaging, with only 11% increasing, while another 14% are decreasing R&D. At 12% each, both Tapes, Labels & Tags and Unprinted Rolls & Sheets, reported an increase in R&D.
  • When asked by what percentage companies' R&D investment had changed in 2008 by comparison to 2007, once again Flexible Packaging was highest at a mean change of 3.8.

Change in R&D Investment

  • By what percentage did your company's R&D investment change in 2008 as compared to 2007?
Segment Mean Median
Flexible Packaging 3.8 0
Paperboard Packaging -2.3 0
Tapes, Labels & Tags 0.4 0
Unprinted Rolls & Sheets 0.7 0

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