Brand Owner Trends | Consumer Packaging to 2018

Smithers PIRA has just published a new market intelligence report that addresses consumer packaging. “Brand Owner Trends: Consumer Packaging to 2018” assesses 30 end-use categories, providing a guide to the relationship between brands and packaging, the impact of new technologies, changing consumer attitudes, and opportunities for brand owners, converters, and suppliers.

Brand owners confirmed the categorization of what are the most important packaging attributes for building their brands. These criteria are based on three main sub-divisions of functional, differential, and visual areas. Less important but still of consideration are the ethical and financial roles that brand owners want to identify and measure. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Packaging Performance Elements


PIRA Figure 1.

Source: Smithers Pira



Graphic design and visual impact play a big packaging role to help consumers recognize and remember brands in often very crowded and competitive retail environments. Some categories are known by generic packaging, and there might be opportunities for brand owners to increase the shape, form, and other structural sign posts to increase brand strength.


This sector is defined by industry norms in terms of the standard and established pack formats. Consequently, there is good scope to deliver unique structural packaging innovations that deliver a discernible consumer benefit.

Personal Care

This market is about self-improvement and enhancement, so sustainability tends not to play too high in the needs of its consumers.

Other Non-Food

Private label is an increasing threat and brand owners need to work hard to add value through strong and identifiable brand offerings that can deliver additional functional benefits to support their price premium over cheaper offerings.

The report says winning packaging solutions will be achieved through innovation that is functionally led and that delivers unmet consumer need. Brand owners can look to innovation in other categories for inspiration in their own segment. The study also reports that in these difficult economic times, consumers’ appetites for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging has waned. However, brand owners have a social responsibility to look for ways to reduce packaging’s affect on the environment.

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