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DC Drive Comes with Control Features
Bardac Drives
, Stevensville, MD; 410/604-3400; 888/667-7333
The totally digital regenerative DC drive comes complete with extensive winder control and web tension control features. The new PLX Series achieves what is said to be a highly user-configurable product in a compact package — as much as 75 hp in an 8×11-in. footprint.

Protect Materials in Shipping
Roberts PolyPro
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-1744
Edge protectors are designed to guard products in transit, reducing strap burns and abrasions. Made from recyclable plastic, they can be washed and reused on shipments of corrugated cartons and other materials.

Rewind a Wide Range of Materials
, Goddard, KS; 316/722-6907
The Magna RW rewinder can convert large master rolls into more manageable smaller rolls. It reportedly handles a range of materials including corrugated, foam, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, vinyls, paper, films, and reflectives.

Electrodeless Bulb Added to Line-Up
Primarc UV Technology
, Slough, England; +44 (0)1753 528678
Electrodeless microwave bulb is latest addition to co.'s wide range of UV curing lamps, says mfr. Most commonly used in industries such as fiber optic coating, electronics, compact disc manufacture, plastic container decoration, and other graphic arts, the bulb reportedly is hand-crafted from the highest quality materials and is guaranteed to provide reliable curing, high efficiency, and long life.

Ultrasonic Web Controller Provides Direct Interface
Scientific Technologies Inc.
, Fremont, CA; 510/608-3400
The UC-WEB ultrasonic web controller position control system offers programmable filtering, drive speed, and ramp control; two programmable ten-amp, dry contact relays used to activate alarms; and a 2-line × 8-character display and keypad for easy programming. The device is designed to provide a direct interface and control signal for many types of drives used to control tension and speed on industrial web processes. Co. notes that sensors are not sensitive to changes in color, reflectivity, or web temperature, and since they do not make contact with the rolling stock, they cannot damage or degrade the product.

Wrap Tissue Paper Gently
FIS Impianti Srl
, Milano, Italy; +39 (0)2544991
Wrapping system for jumbo tissue paper reels is said to handle the delicate product gently; it wraps a belt around the belly of the reel before rotating starts. Also, axial wrapping reportedly reduces the chance of moisture or dust absorption, which can alter the tissue's appearance and make it less attractive to the consumer.

Economic EB Curing System Is an Energy-Saver
Energy Sciences Inc.
, Wilmington, MA; 978/694-9000
EZCure is described as a small-size, low-cost electron beam (EB) system that was developed with the converter in mind. Reportedly is designed to provide high-gloss, instantly cured coatings with stable COFs and no odor; and instantly cured adhesive (laminating and p-s adhesives) with no VOCs or extractables. Co. reports system operates at high press speeds (over 1,000 fpm) and is energy-efficient.

Innovative Approach to Light Shields
Fusion UV Systems Inc.
, Gaithersburg, MD; 301/527-2660
Modular Light System (MLS) is an innovative approach to building light shields for web or conveyor applications, reports mfr. According to co., system provides cost-effective solution and quick delivery without sacrificing quality, performance, versatility, features, and appearance. Pre-engineered platform uses a series of aluminum extrusions and other common components that co. says are assembled and configured quickly and easily to meet unique requirements.

Dies Available for Quick Delivery
Davis-Standard Corp.
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010
PE Series dies, said to be ideal for LDPE and LLDPE monolayer applications, can be delivered to customers in 8 wk, rather than the usual 14 — 16. Dies are available in the most widely used sizes and have spiral geometry, angled channels, and streamlined parts. They are supplied with metric fasteners and are available with the WesJet™ air ring and IBC (internal bubble cooling) capability. They come standard with a choice of oscillating or stationary cart.

Shaftless Rewinder Inspection Machine
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, England; +44 1 473 710 912
The Emerald 160-100 shaftless rewinder inspection machine can be used for winding and inspecting label stock, photographic film, aluminum, and paper laminates. It has shaftless floor pickup for both unwind and rewind for easier loading and unloading. According to the co., machine is fully equipped with automatic tension control and incorporates a vacuum drum and a main pull roller for tension isolation between the unwind and rewind. It can handle web widths to 1,600 mm (63 in.) and diameters to 1,000 mm (40 in.). Options include in-line slitting reverse facilities, various core sizes, trim extraction, and more.

Control Temperature in a Network
Athena Controls Inc.
, Plymouth Meeting, PA; 800/782-6776
The Series C panel-mounted, universal-input family of temperature controllers can be used in network applications, including the Modbus messaging protocol; with an adapter, the controllers can communicate with other components of a Device-Net control network. Microprocessor controlled and feature autotuning and full PID functionality.

Rotary Knife Assemblies Speed Things Up
Azco Corp.
, Elmwood Pk., NJ; 201/791-1428
Line of rotary knife assemblies is designed for high-speed cutting and minimal downtime. Co. notes that no maintenance is required except to return it to the factory for reconditioning. The entire assembly is a complete module, reportedly ensuring quick and easy replacement; change-out time is under 1 min, and knife is able to make up to 1,000 cuts/min. Stock sizes from 110 — 400 mm wide are available.

Chill Stand Is Custom-Designed and Guaranteed
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666
Custom chill stands feature chill rolls said to control temperature within ±1 deg F across the face of each roll. A proprietary, computerized heat-transfer-analysis program analyzes each customer's process parameters; heat transfer rolls are then custom-designed with guaranteed heat-transfer performance. A gain-pitch design allows for increased turbulence as fluid goes through the roll, lowering web temperature differential across the face of the roll, co. says, adding that the efficiency of this design lowers operating costs, while increased, controlled heat transfer allows for faster web speeds.

Slitter/Rewinder Is for Metallized Markets
Converting Solutions Ltd.
, Lancashire, England; +44 (0)1254 668856
The DC-300 slitter/rewinder, designed exclusively for use in metallized polyester conversion markets, can be supplied in a variety of web widths from 600 — 1,525 mm. Machine has a rewind diameter of 300 mm, rewinding onto 25- and 76-mm airshafts.

Die-Cutting Presses Are Robust, Easy to Operate
MAN Roland
, Westmont, IL; 630/920-2000
Designed for short-run die-cutting, the KAMA TS 74 press is described as a low-price, high quality machine that is easy to operate. It has a small footprint and can replace many older clamp-type or cylinder-type die-cutters. Handles sheet types to 21.28 × 29.16 in.; sister machine, the TS 102, handles sheet sizes to 28.3 × 40.1 in. Both are said to offer fast changeover, user-friendly operation, a reliable feeder, high register accuracy, and a robust punching station. Using the same grip edge as the printing press, machines can handle a wide range of material thicknesses.

Paper Tube/Core Cutter Is Programmable
Eberle, S.A.
, Reichstett, France; +33 388336025
The Delta 200 programmable in-line cutter can cut cores with diameters from 20 — 200 mm and thicknesses to 45 mm. Cutter has a maximum production speed of 60 m of core/min. It reportedly can run with any type of winder, provided that the winding mandrels are hollow to allow the withdrawal of the cutting mandrel after each cutting.

Litho Laminator Has Open-Board Feed
Automatän Inc.
, Plover, WI; 715/341-6501
The SF65 (pictured) is a high-speed, sheet-to-sheet litho laminator with an open-board feed concept that allows for automated board prefeed. Co. also offers the S3 single-face sheeter/stacker for corrugated boxmakers. It allows production of single-face sheets from an existing corrugator or an off-line single-facer.

Slitter Provides Continuous Conversion
Dusenbery Europe Ltd.
, Bedford, U.K.; +44 (0)1234 349561
Model 375 triple-shaft, single-turret centerwind machine is designed for very short slitting runs at very high speeds. Handles paper substrates ranging from 70 — 170 gsm and roll lengths as low as 50 m. Interchangeable pneumatic rewind shafts accept 50- and 60-mm cores. Key to the slitter's productivity, notes the co., are the three shafts of the turreting rewind system: Taking place simultaneously are slitting and rewinding; unloading onto conveyors of slit rolls from the last cycle; and core loading for the next run.

Rotary Sheeter Suited for Synthetics
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162
The SDFK dual-knife rotary sheeter is designed for synthetics and specialty materials that need to be sheeted in-line with another process. Sheeter's cutting section is said to be completely accessible, with two knives mounted in rotating cylinders. Can handle cut lengths from 11 — 2,000 in. at speeds to 300 fpm. It can be equipped with an automated slitting rig module that stands alone, allowing accessibility during webup. Slitters are motorized and fully automatic.

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