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An incorrect photo appeared with the item in PFFC, April 2001, p. 126, entitled “Tube Slitter Redesigned to Produce Tapered Sides.” We apologize for the error.

Supplier News
Foilmark Earns Patent for Holographic Shrink Wrap

NEWBURYPORT, MA, USA— Foilmark was awarded a patent for the invention of holographic shrink wrap, as well as its production process. The process utilizes specialized chemistry and processing equipment to allow the holographic image to be applied without heat, thus eliminating the preshrinking of the film.

Foilmark president and CEO Joe Olsen says, “We are currently beta testing this material in selective markets and are receiving very positive reactions already. We are preparing for full-market introduction later this year, employing the new equipment being installed as part of our $5 million holographic expansion program. This new shrink wrap represents the first major holographic packaging product that bridges the need for authentication.”

Chromas Technologies Restates Position
BOUCHERVILLE, QC, CANADA—Chromas Technologies was acquired by American Capital Strategies, Bethesda, MD, in September 2000 and no longer has ties to Didde Corp., which is in Chapter 11 reorganization. John W. Freal, senior investment officer of American Capital, reports, “Didde's unfortunate position will have absolutely no effect on Chromas. Chromas is now a completely stand-alone company.”

Independent Machinery Celebrates 20 Years
PALATINE, IL, USA—Independent Machinery is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as a sales and service provider of graphic arts and print finishing machinery. The company, started by Nelson Stevens in 1981, began as a three-person team in a small office in Chicago. Today the company's 24,000-sq-ft facility houses more than 20 employees.

PCMC Awarded Two Patents
GREEN BAY, WI , USA—Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC) has been awarded two patents by the US Patent Office. One patent was issued to the company for its eXtreme dryer technology, and the second is for the deck design and configuration of PCMC's Infiniti gearless flexographic printing press.

BST Offers Trade-In Program
ELMHURST, IL, USA—BST Pro Mark's trade-in program allows converters in Central and Latin America to receive a significant trade-in value on older BST or competitive brand equipment along with replacement equipment for newest version or upgraded models. For example, a converter can trade in an older Handyscan for the newest 2000 version, plus a trade-in value on the old equipment, or Eagle equipment can be upgraded to a mid-range Genius Digital or 100% inspection Genius system.

Also available is a preventive maintenance program that allows customers to determine a regular schedule for maintenance of the company's equipment. According to John Thome, VP-marketing at BST, “Most people request a one- or two-times-a-year visit from our maintenance crew to assure that the customer's equipment is in proper working order.”

AzCoat Adds New Coater to Pilot Lab

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA—AzCoat Inc., Scottsdale, AZ, has brought on-line a new pilot coater manufactured by AzTECH Machinery, also in Scottsdale. The coater can utilize either Mayer rod or gravure coating heads and will coat films, papers, foils, or vinyls to 10-in widths. For more information contact AzCoat at 480/998-1800 or visit

Portland Paper Box Buys Genline Software
PORTLAND, OR, USA—Portland Paper Box has purchased Impact CAD software from Genline Systems, also of Portland.

According to Tom Johnson, general manager of the folding carton plant, “With the Genline training, we went from no CAD system to fully operational in about a month. We can e-mail the 3-D design to our customer who can then present his product in a virtual display to the retailer. It's a great sales tool.”
Supplier Information
, Portland, OR; 770/918-0640.

Industry Studies
Triple-Digit Growth Seen for Oxygen Scavenger Market

APPLETON, WI, USA—The US market for oxygen scavenger-based packaging will jump 215% annually on average through 2003, with just four major markets accounting for more than 5 billion units sold. According to George O. Schroeder Assoc., this growth is based on conservative estimates that assume oxygen scavenger packaging will see only 5% or less penetration in these major markets, which are case-ready meat, bottles for beer, crowns for beer, and bottles for other beverages such as fruit juices and sports drinks.

Other packaging markets that will add to this total include juice cartons; trays and lidstock for home replacement meals; and composite cans. The vast majority of these new packaging units will rely on direct incorporation of oxygen scavenging materials, not sachets, for their oxygen absorption.

Oxygen Scavenger Technologies, Applications, and Markets: A Strategic Analysis for the Packaging Industry is available for $9,500 from George O. Schroeder Assoc., Box 7500, Appleton, WI, 54912; 920/739-0396

Aseptic to Outpace Hot-Fill for PET Containers
WEST CHESTER, PA, USA—Aseptic filling in PET packaging could leap from the current 6% market penetration in specialty beverages to nearly 30% by 2004, according to a new market and technology study produced by Packaging Strategies and Business Development Assoc.

Aseptic vs. Hot-Fill for PET focuses on four beverage categories—juice and juice drinks; isotonics; ready-to-drink teas; and dairy-based beverages. The study is available for $3,500 from Packaging Strategies, 122 S. Church St., West Chester, PA 19382; 610/436-4220;

Honors for High School Class

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—The Flexography II class of South Mecklenburg High School has won several printing awards, including two first place, one second place, and two third place awards for Spot Color Flexography in the Gutenberg Awards competition. The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) presented the class with one first place and one second place award for Flexographic Printing, and the Printing Industry of the Carolinas honored the school with two Special Judges Awards and two Awards of Excellence for Flexographic Printing: 2 or More Spot Colors.

Students use a Mark Andy 830 press, Anderson & Vreeland platemaker, and Macintosh computers to design and produce labels, bumper stickers, and window decals.

Association News
FPA Meeting Covers the Challenge of Change

NAPLES, FL, USA—The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) gathered for its annual meeting, February 28-March 2, at The Registry Resort in beautiful Naples. The theme of this year's meeting was “Outpacing Change,” and several impressive speakers shared their thoughts.

Marketing and management consultant Bart Thedinger of Mastio & Assoc. talked about changes in flexible packaging films, market sizes, and growth rate. And, of course, no discussion of change today would be complete without a look at e-business and technology. This was provided by Dr. Albert Segars of The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Segars opened with some startling figures: In 2000, Net and coalition markets accounted for $25 billion, or less than ⅛ of the total volume. In 2005, Net and coalition markets will reach a volume of $2.2 trillion.

His topics included: why you need a digital strategy; the regulatory and legal frontiers of digital commerce (including antitrust legislation, taxation, and electronic signatures); cookies and proposed privacy legislation; patents of software and business methods; and consortia and collaborative commerce.

The final portion of Segars' presentation was advice on developing a strategy, aimed at the flexible packaging industry. He stressed to the audience that what is involved is not simply adding an e-commerce dimension; it is necessary to develop a new philosophy of business.

Segar's thought of the day, in summary: New technology + old organization = costly old organization.

Commentator George Will presented the keynote speech at a dinner on February 28. Will, famous for his conservative views, certainly made those known. However, he did give President Clinton a bit of grudging praise for his management of the economy. Will talked about an economy that today often responds to perception rather than reality, and reminded us that, despite the economic downturn, things are still pretty good.

One of the perception problems Will mentioned is the fact there are a great many more people investing in the stock market today than in any time in our history. And many of these people, who came into the market in the 90s, knew only upward movement. So any slight “correction” puts them into a panic mode, which of course makes things worse.

For more information on FPA and its programs, contact the association at 971 Corporate Blvd., Ste. 403, Linthicum, MD; 410/694-0800 or visit

EMT Buys Core-Holding Product Line

GREEN BAY, WI, USA—EMT International has purchased the core-holding product line of the Deublin Co., Waukegan, IL. The line includes airshafts and chucks used on web processing equipment. EMT plans to expand its workforce to accommodate the new product line, which will be manufactured in Green Bay.

Russell-Field Opens New Division

LEMONT, IL, USA—Russell-Field Paper Co. is expanding its business operations to serve the contract converting segment of the paper, printing, packaging, and allied products industry. Through its new RF Converting division, the company reports it can better serve the converting marketplace utilizing its new facility located in the Chicago suburb of Lemont.

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