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Clean Anilox Rolls Ultrasonically
Sonic Solutions
, Yorkville, IL; 877/654-7800
A six-roll, multifunction ultrasonic system will clean ceramic anilox rolls with face lengths to 20 in. Cleans various sizes simultaneously and can be modified to clean hard steel press parts. Gears and bearings can usually stay on, making cleaning easier, says mfr. System is said to gently restore full cell volume to rolls.

TL Max Treater Now More User Friendly
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
Co. announces changes in the TL Max corona treating system to reduce maintenance and make it easier to use. All control function interconnects are provided via plug-in cables now. Additional updated features include lift/support cylinders, which assist in lifting the electrode assembly and holding it in an open position during threading. The cantilevered design eases threading of the web and is said to provide for easy air gap adjustment. The redesigned electrode assembly can be cleaned in minutes, mfr. notes, as no tools are required to remove the electrode housing.

Envelope Perfector Speeds Production
Halm Industries Co. Inc.
, Glen Head, NY; 516/676-6700
The EM5315 four-color process perfector prints at speeds to 30,000 envelopes/hr. Features one main control with computer interface operation, said to allow for quick setup and job changes. Machine comes standard with a high-speed transfer table, which gives easy access to the perfecting unit. It also has adjustable height and slope angle for optimized shingling and stacking of stock. Comes standard with a refrigeration unit and a cold UV system.

Fabricating System Produces Surgical Dressings
Doyen Medipharm Inc.
, Lakeland, FL; 863/683-6335
The Dressing Fabricating System produces 300 surgical dressings/min in a continuous-motion, single-lane configuration. Said to increase output and product flexibility. Mfr. reports that system provides medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers with flexible narrow web converting for dressing, transdermal device, or electrode manufacturing in strip, island, or multilayered formats. Co. adds that dressing size ranges from 4 x 4 in. to 12 x 12 in., with a complete product changeover possible in less than 30 min.

Modular Printer Boasts Performance, Versatility
Weber Marking Systems Inc.
, Arlington Hts., IL; 847/364-8500
The Legitronic 33 Series thermal/thermal-transfer label printer incorporates a modular design said to satisfy a wide range of labeling applications. Accepts roll and fanfold p-s labels and tags to 4.65 in. wide, printing in-spec bar codes, text, graphics and logos with reliable 203-dpi resolution. High-speed, 32-bit processor with 8 MB addressable reportedly ensures continuous performance at speeds to 6.0 in./sec. Can be upgraded or reconfigured with optional accessories; co. adds that most accessories can be installed on-site with minimal downtime.

Metallic Inks Offer Benefits
Water Ink Technologies Inc.
, Lincolnton, NC; 704/735-8282; waterinktech.com
Water Bright metallic inks reportedly offer excellent flood capabilities; low-gassing formulation; super metallic sheen; good rub; smooth transfer; increased shelf life; faster press speed; and ease of use. All pigments comply with CONEG.

Tension Transducers Monitor Narrow Webs
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
RFA tension transducers are sensing devices for measuring process tension on ribbon, filament, or wire at widths of 6 in. and under. By supplying an accurate tension signal from a convenient point on a single-frame press or web machine to an indicator, controller, PLC, or computer, transducers reportedly increase operator's ability to improve winding processes and productivity while reducing waste. According to co., features include two-point wheel suspension to prevent wheel cocking; a selection of standard roll face widths; reduced wheel diameters for more operating clearance; low breakaway torque (0.25 in./oz); and compact size for easy mounting.

Treaters Handle Plastic, Conductive Webs
Tantec Inc.
, Schaumburg, IL; 847/524-5506; tantecusa.com
The C35 high-frequency corona web treater offers label processors the ability to treat both plastic and conductive webs for increased adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives at high speeds and with greater control, according to co. Wider web treaters are available also.

Use Metallic Inks with Many Different Printing Processes
Akzo Nobel Inks
, Plymouth, MN; 612/559/5911; 800/328-7838; aninks.com
Metaglow is a range of metallic inks for printing paper and synthetic substrates. Said to provide good gloss and brilliance; adhesion to many substrates; and high-speed printing. Available for UV letterpress, UV screen, UV offset, UV flexo, and water-based flexo technologies. Offered in one- and two-component forms. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including self-adhesive labels, tickets, tags, and boards. Can be used in combination with other ink technologies. Also can be overprinted with thermal transfer ribbons (depending on type) and used for both surface and reverse printing.

UV Ink Batching System Is Fast
GSE Dispensing Inc.
, Doylestown, PA; 215/489-9898
The Desktop UV Dispensing System fully automatic ink batching system for UV inks is intended specifically for the tag and label printer. Said to quickly produce ink batches of up to 20 lb with an accuracy of 0.1 g and batch-to-batch repeatability. Runs the latest version of co.'s Windows-based ink management software.

Woodfree Papers Feature Full Gloss Range
UPM-Kymmene Raflatac
, Tampere, Finland; +358 204 16 7806; raflatac.com
A full-gloss range of five woodfree papers coated on one side includes grades coated by on-machine, off-machine, and cast coating. Included are alternative materials with different levels of price, quality, and performance: Raflasilk is said to ensure trouble-free performance in automated applications and is recommended for large labels; Raflacoat is suitable for applications involving uneven substrates; Raflalite is recommended for small packages or cylindrical shapes; Raflagloss reportedly offers superb gloss, whiteness, and smoothness; and Castgloss is described as an optimal choice for top quality, multicolor product labels.

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