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Barrier Properties Are Key to Film System
Chris Craft Industrial Products
, Gary, IN; 219/762-3165
MonoSol XR film system comprises PVOH water-soluble film with unique barrier properties, says mfr. This combination is said to offer a broad range of possibilities for packaging agricultural, industrial, and household chemicals, as well as other commercial products. Barrier layer can be formulated with any of mfr.'s films, reportedly resulting in improved resistance to certain chemicals, such as acidic formulations and strong oxidizers, while offering excellent machinability, heat seal strength, and point-of-use solubility.

Coextrusion Has Pharmaceutical Uses
Klockner Capital Corp.
, Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3400
Pentapharm Aclar 130/02 is a barrier film for pharmaceutical applications. It is a two-layer coextrusion of PE and Aclar CX film that co. laminates to its vinyl. Properties reportedly include trouble-free thermoforming and good optical clarity.

Holographic Pattern Is Eye-Catching
API Foils

, Rahway, NJ; 732/382-6800;
"Pillars of Light" is the name of a new Holofoil holographic pattern. According to mfr., it will increase the result of rainbow or spectrum foils "dramatically" to achieve eye-catching effects and shelf presence. Pattern is available in 14 colors.

Packaging Additives Keep Food Fresh on Shelves
Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Tarrytown, NY; 914/785-2000
Co. has acquired the Amosorb 2000 inorganic oxygen absorber line from BP Amoco and will market the additives with the designation Shelfplus. Products are used in food packaging to absorb oxygen inside plastic packages, reportedly preserving freshness and extending shelf life by reducing the oxygen from headspace, package, and food. Can be incorporated into multilayer barrier food packaging structures.

PE Provides Balanced Properties
Eastman Chemical Co.
, Kingsport, TN; 423/229-2000; 800/327-8626;
A new family of PEs is said to have a better overall balance of strength properties than conventional metallocene catalyzed PE. Resins are produced with co.'s ENERGX catalyst technology. They feature melt indices from 0.5-2.0 dg/min and densities between 0.906 and 0.910 g/cc. Reportedly combine good moisture vapor and high oxygen transmission rates with high impact strength and balanced high tear strength. Strong seals can be achieved at low temperatures with a minimal impact on overall package stiffness, mfr. notes.

Polyamide Resins Suited for Flexo Inks
Cognis Coatings & Inks
, Ambler, PA; 800/445-2207
Thermoplastic polyamide resins GAX 13-128 and 13-617 are designed for flexographic inks and varnishes. GAX 13-128 is an alcohol-soluble polyamide resin suited for pigment grinding. It is said to yield low-viscosity pigment dispersions at high-pigment concentrations. GAX 13-617 is a co-solvent soluble polyamide resin with balanced termination. Reported to have a higher softening point than most standard polyamide resins, making it suitable for use in applications that require heat-seal resistance.

Polymers Add Benefits to Stretch Wrap Film
Kraton Polymers
, Houston, TX; 800/457-877;
Styrenic block copolymers for stretch-wrapping films are said to help prevent finger marks caused by repeated handling of packaged goods. Films do not contain plasticizers, so the potential risk of these impurities migrating onto the food is minimized, says co. Suitable for use with a variety of substrates, reportedly forming a firm seal around food trays.

Silicone Coating Has High-Release Properties
Menges Roller Co.
, Wauconda, IL; 847/487-8877
Summit high-release silicone roller covering is said to be formulated to offer three times the release of industrial-grade silicones. Designed for film laminating, cast film, and paper and film coating applications as well as for process ovens that require a compressible elastomer with a nonstick surface. Claimed to be easy to clean and to have excellent resiliency, ozone resistance, and dielectric strength.

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