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Magnetic Clutches Transmit Torque Through Barrier
Rimtec Corp., Addison, IL; ph: 630/628-0036; fax: 630/628-0041.
MDC/MSV magnetic synchronous torque-limiting barrier clutches provide servo-quality torque transmission with overload protection — transmitting force with no physical contact between the two clutch sections. Clutches are said to be ideal for use where torque must be transmitted on a noncontact basis. Both clutch types are available in stainless steel versions. Custom designs, with different magnetic configurations and air gap rating, are available.

Gravure Press Designed for Short Runs
Valmet Rotomec, West Hartford, CT; ph: 860/953-3504; fax: 860/953-1802.
Rotomec 4000-3 gravure printing press is designed for short-run jobs and quick changeover. Equipped with electronic line shaft, it features the use of lightweight printing cylinders. Ventilation system can be connected to thermal oxidizers to comply with solvent emission regulations.

Winder Reduces Operator Lifting
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, CT; ph: 860/599-1010; fax: 860/599-6258.
TEC-2 blown film winder is reported to feature a winding arrangement that eliminates the traditional turret seen in center winders. An integrated shaft extraction and roll-handling unit is said to reduce operator lifting. Mfr. says unit is capable of winding 300 fpm (91 mpm) and produces finished rolls to 30 in. (750 mm) in dia. Includes automatic bi-directional cut and transfer and an AC flux vector drive system. Available in widths of 44 in. (1,118 mm) to 84 in. (2,134 mm).

Digital System Produces Consistent Color Matches
Chromas Technologies, Boucherville, Que., Canada; ph: 450/449-0494; fax: 450/449-0492.
Argio 75 SC is a 7.5-in.-wide UV digital printing system available for retrofit onto conventional printing presses. System uses UV-curable ink jet inks that can be mixed from nine base colors to produce exact and consistent color matches. Produces excellent image quality and fine text down to 3 pt, co. notes. Speeds vary from 0-100 fpm at a resolution of 600 dpi. Applications include single- and multicolor label and packaging jobs.

Core Holders Provide Faster Delivery
Tidland Corp., Camas, WA; ph: 360/834-2345; fax: 360/834-5865.
Line of label press core holders includes roll-centering rewind shaft; external element unwind shaft and core holder; and automatic lug chuck for matrix removal. Each product is designed with minimum manufacturing for reduced cost and rapid availability. Multiple mounting styles are available to fit any application, co. notes.

Sensor Guides Difficult Materials with Ease
Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; ph: 405/755-1600; fax: 405/755-8425
SE-38 First Edge threshold-based edge scan sensor eliminates the effect of opacity variations in nonwoven materials. Capable of detecting the first edge of a web and then ignoring any subsequent material voids or porosity. Said to work on materials that have been difficult to sense with IR and almost impossible to sense with air ultrasonic sensors. Available in a variety of sensor mountings and positioning assemblies.

Inspection System Uses 3CCD Color Camera
Nireco America Corp., Port Jervis, NY; ph: 845/856-4053; fax: 845/858-2824.
BCON 2000 print quality inspection system utilizes a combination of a newly developed 3CCD color camera and a maskless inspection circuit, allowing high-precision defect detection over an entire printed pattern, co. reports. Color composition of each point on the printed matter is precisely analyzed by three CCD photoceptors arrayed geometrically at equal distances. System can display defects alternating with preceding image for easy comparison.

Job-Change System Reduces Set-Up Time
Windmöller & Hölscher Corp, Lincoln, RI; ph: 401/333-2770.
Heliostarr® 2000 modular gravure press, equipped with Ecoplus® automatic job change system, offers the capability of changing either the gravure cylinder only or the gravure cylinder and ink pan. Preparation for the order change can be made while the press is running. Change parts are brought into the station on a cart where a robotic lifting system fits and locks them into position. Set-up times and operator involvement are reduced significantly, co. reports.

Automatic Roll Slitter Is Heavy Duty
ALS Ltd., Northants, U.K.; ph: +44 1933-225755;fax: +44 1933-441476.
ALS 500NT automatic roll slitter converts large rolls of material and slits without unwinding. Available in working widths of 1,600, 1,800, and 2,000 mm and maximum roll diameter of 500 mm. Features PLC and touchscreen control for automatic setting of cutting conditions. Also offers twin sprayer system, fault diagnosis, and fast indexing for high production.

Web Guide Meets Demanding Needs
North American Mfg. Co., Cleveland, OH; ph: 216/271-6000; fax: 216/641-7852.
Simplex integrated digital-based web guiding system is said to be ideal for demanding needs such as intermediate guide application and unwind/rewind stands. Co. reports guiding system provides precise web control while streamlining the tasks of the machine operator. Also said to provide one-touch setup while offering self-diagnostics and system status annunciation.

Sleeve System Saves Plate and Mounting Costs
Axcyl Inc., Vancouver, WA; ph: 360/574-5394; fax: 360/574-7864.
Versaflex plate-mounting sleeve system is available for thin and thick plates. Composite sleeves are compatible with all common flexo solvents and inks. Mounting and dismounting are said to be accomplished easily with normal pressroom air pressures. Co. reports sleeves offer high structural integrity with exceptional dimensional stability, and infinite variation in sleeve thickness allows use of multiple combinations of plates, tape, and cylinders.

Automatically Bring Press into Register
AVT (Advanced Vision Technology), Atlanta, GA; ph: 770/541-9780; fax: 770/541-9342.
Designed for CI flexo presses, pRegister is a closed-loop system that automatically brings the press into register and monitors the print job. Said to perform task in 60 sec with absolute minimum of substrate, offering the potential for dramatic cost savings and exceptional ROI.

Gravure/Flex Station for In-Line Production
Dri-Tec, Milwaukee, WI; ph: 414/354-3540; fax: 414/354-3541.
In-line convertible Gravure/Flex Station reportedly matches the production requirements of the press precisely and is capable of handling all multifunction production requirements including registration, tension, velocity, position, and temperature control. Can be configured for either flexo or gravure printing and can be customized for register cold seal applications, co. says. Also provides the advantages of on-line communication and modem diagnostics for customer service response time.

Fast Scanner for Process Control
Honeywell-Measurex Corp., Cupertino, CA; ph: 408/255-1500; fax: 408/864-7570.
PrecisionPLUS Scanner 2080 Series reportedly features a compact, high-precision on-line sensor scanning platform for a variety of applications. Mfr. says design incorporates service and maintenance features ranging from easy sensor and internal component access to advanced diagnostic video displays on the MXProLine user station. Fast scanning to 330 mm (13 in.) per sec is said to offer quick profile measurements that ensure responsive control and high visibility of process variations. Precision brushless DC drive system provides sensor head positioning to 2 mm (0.078 in.), resulting in accurate profile resolution and data positioning for detection of small process deviations, mfr. says.

Knives Feature Larger Carbide Inlay
Advetech, Canfield, OH; ph: 330/533-2227; 800/248-7421; fax: 330/533-5740.
Carbide sheeter and circular slitter knives feature larger carbide inlay for stronger bond, longer life, and nick and impact resistance. Knives are manufactured to precision tolerances, produce less dust formation; and provide consistent quality cuts, co. reports.

Spooling Cube System Is Modular
Independent Machine Co., Fairfield, NJ; ph: 973/882-0060; fax: 973/808-9505.
Smartwinders-2000 cube system is said to offer flexibility, high performance, and cost savings for spooling virtually any material. Self-contained computerized “cube” can be used alone or with a series of units tailored to specific winding needs from most slitting or extrusion processes. Offers receipe storage, information downloading, and precise tension control.

Tension Control Can Be Customized
Dover Flexo Electronics, Rochester, NH; ph: 603/332-6150; fax: 603/332-3758.
Tension-Manager is a compact, low-cost, automatic web tension controller. Said to be easily configured for web-fed converting or printing applications, the microprocessor-based controller is customizable with modular device add-ons. Store and recall up to ten job setups.

Digital Press Runs at High Speed
Barco Graphics, Vandalia, OH; ph: 937/454-1721;fax: 937/454-1522.
Designed for industrial applications, the.factory digital press runs single pass full process color and additional spot color printing on a single side, continuous feed, roll-to-roll configuration. Handles light fast UV curing inks and substrates such as coated and uncoated paper, plastic, aluminum foils, and vinyl. Capable of printing to 800 sq m/hr and fully variable images at 360 dpi. Offered in print widths of 5.5 in. and 24.8 in.

Tube Recutters Are Programmable
Pack' Industrie, Rixheim Cedex, France;ph: +33 03 89 54 27 33; fax: +33 03 89 65 10 30.
Activa range of single-knife and programmable paper tube recutters reportedly provides a clean, dust- and burr-free cut. Available in basic version 240 AS and in fully automatic versions 150A, 240A, and 550A. Offers quick size chanegovers; automatic waste trim selection; programmable cutting lengths and number of cuts; single cutting with one knife or twin knives placed in opposition; and CNC-driven cutting carriage for accurate cutting lengths.

Splicing System Offers Versatility
Martin Automatic, Rockford, IL;ph: 815/654-4800; fax: 815/654-4810.
MAS Series splicing system can be configured with many different splicing and roll loading options, co. reports. Standard features include in-aisle roll loading and splice preparation; automatic roll centering; motorized sidelay; on-the-run tension adjustment; and shaftless operation. Current web widths are to 160 in. with splicing speeds of more than 2,000 fpm.

SHM Sheeters Available from Pemco
Pemco Inc., Körber PaperLink North America, Windsor, CT; ph: 860/687-9911; fax: 860/687-9922.
Mfr. offers SHM 1450 Series sheeter in two models. The 1450HS high speed sheeter converts a range of materials at speeds to 300 m/min. Reportedly can handle the most sensitive NCR paper. Options include cut-to-preprint and cut-to-watermark capabilities. The 1450 compact sheeter is designed for smaller run work or slower speed running of highly sensitive or lightweight material to 100 m/min. Tape pulleys can be adjusted when running lightweight stock to give a corrugated profile to improve sheet rigidity, co. says.

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