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Roll Turner/Lifter Minimizes Injury Risk
Schlumpf Inc.
, Windham, ME; 877/460-4535; schlumpf-inc.com
ERH-1000-P portable, 24-v DC, battery-powered electric roll lifter/turner maximizes productivity and minimizes risk of operator injury, says mfr. Reportedly enables lifting, turning, loading, unloading, and palletizing rolls to 600 lb safely and efficiently with no roll damage. Features PLC controls with compact hand-held pendant, rugged steel construction, ergonomic handlebar, and quick-change holder for fail-safe mandrels from 3-12 in.

Safety Couplings Offer High Speed
Rimtec Corp.
, Westmont, IL; 630/325-7432
Torque-limiting safety couplings are said to be designed for high-end servo-positioning systems. Mfr. says couplings line is the fastest in the industry, and the compact devices are designed with an integral digressive Bellville spring that disengages even digital drives at the speed of 2-4 msecs following an overload signal. Couplings also incorporate precision roller guides with what is said to be a higher contact surface compared to that of conventional ball guides, reportedly guaranteeing a backlash-free transmission of torque in both directions of rotation.

Shaftless Unwind Suitable for Clean Room
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Upswich, U.K.; +44-1-473-710-912; ashe.co.uk
Shaftless unwinds are controlled via electric servo motors, making them acceptable for clean room and/or packaging industry requirements. Stand is manufactured with linear slides and bearings throughout for precise movement, co. says. Automatic tension control is provided with the stand via load cell and ultrasonic diameter sensors. Arms are arranged so stand will handle down to a minimum web width of 400 mm (16 in.).

Sheeter Cuts Variety of Material
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
The EconoSheeter is described as an economical, air-operated scissor shear sheeter that cuts a wide variety of roll material from corrugated to nonwovens. Capable of operating stand-alone or in-line as part of a custom-designed system.

Software Aids Engraved Cell Measurement
Shima American Corp.
, Glendale Hts., IL; 630/871-8900
Micro-Check X-Y-Z software is designed for inspecting and measuring engraved cells on rotogravure cylinders and anilox rolls. Allows production operators to control quality accurately and easily, says mfr. Equipped with Rollscope and CCD color video camera, the PC-based system inspects, measures, and stores microscopic images on three axes (X, Y, and Z) and performs the following cell measurements: area; screen angle; percent of coverage; and volume (theoretical). Also available is the portable, lightweight Mini-Mic scope and laptop computer.

Software Manages Ink Mixing
Akzo Nobel Inks Ltd.
, Manchester, England; +44(0)1925-754172; aninks.com
THink 2000 Windows-based ink management system offers a multi-lingual format that supports international measurements. Designed to provide batch ticketing, job costing, and color mixing, program includes an ink re-mix feature to help convert surplus blends into new colors for current jobs to reduce waste and improve profits. Additional features include inventory control, lot number tracking, and bar coding.

Stamping Foil Ideal for Food Packaging
API Foils
, Lawrence, KS; 785/842-7674; api-worldwide.com
Low-temperature packaging foil, designated the 680 Series, was developed primarily for stamping on PP plastic bags utilized in the food industry. In addition, foil is said to adhere to other flexible packaging plastics, including both CPP and OPP, polyester, PE, and p-s stocks. Series is described as an easy-releasing foil that can be used to stamp medium to broad coverage areas. Users can choose from a range of ten shades or use co.'s custom color-matching services.

Static Meter Is Battery Operated
Kernco Instruments Co.
, El Paso, TX; 915/852-3375
Battery-operated, portable Model 7905 static meter is designed to detect static charges and find point where static is generated. Reportedly will indicate surface voltage and polarity on objects to (plusmn)20 kV at a spacing of 1 in. with an accuracy of 10% full scale.

Store Hazardous Materials Safely
, Des Plaines, IL; 800/727-2067
Haz-Rak is a system for safely storing drums containing hazardous materials. Said to eliminate contamination of factory floors, soil, and groundwater caused by chemical leaks and spill, as well as the costly cleanups associated with these accidents. Designed for indoor/outdoor storage. Accommodates from 2-8 palletized 55-gal drums/storage level with a maximum capacity of 64 drums.

System Controls Multiple Motors
, New Berlin, WI; 262/782-0200
Multiplexing System utilizes a combination of advanced hardware and software to provide control of multiple motors from a single, variable-frequency drive (VFD). Can be applied to multi-pump or multi-fan systems and utilizes special motor-sequencing software. System is said to reduce wear on pumps and motors by eliminating across-the-line starts.

Systems Solve Problems of Low Humidity
Nortec Industries Inc.
, Ogdensburg, NY; 315/425-1255
Airfog nozzle humidification systems have output capacities ranging from 2-25 lb/hr/nozzle, which mfr. says will help users meet stringent humidity needs. Systems reportedly provide immediate solutions to problems associated with low humidity, including improved quality of stored materials; improved process/production efficiency; and reduction of static electricity.

Unwind Stand Is AC Vector Driven
RG Engineering
, Virginia Beach, VA; 757/463-3045; 800/621-3484 rgengineering.com
AC vector driven unwind stand is said to eliminate dirt, noise, heat, and inconsistencies due to wear of tension systems that rely on mechanical brakes. Automatic pre-tensioning provides for smooth starts while eliminating web breaks due to splices or slack web, according to co. Maximum working width is 72 in. (1,820 mm), and maximum unwind diameter is 60 in. (1,524 mm). Offers standard web speed of 2,500 fpm (750 mpm). Automatic end-of-roll feature reportedly stops the machine with an absolute minimum of paper remaining on the core.

Vinyl Film Ideal for Rigorous Applications
Transilwrap Co. Inc.
, Franklin Pk., IL; 847/678-1800
Yukon vinyl banner film features a polyester reinforced scrim and is said to be very strong. Part of the Trans-Banner Reinforced Vinyl product line, Yukon is a minimal shrink film, which allows for tight printing registration, and offers a new topcoating said to improve printability. Durable enough for most outdoor applications, film is called ideal for long-term promotions. It is heat-sealable and waterproof as well as resistant to UV, mildew, and rips.

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