The Global Metallizing Market

Dr. William Llewellyn, senior consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., highlights current market trends from AWA's forthcoming Metallized Films and Papers: Global Sourcebook 2004.

Metallized films and papers have seen prior year's growth figures sustained in 2003 — with significant volume increases in Eastern Europe (Russia, in particular) and in Asia (especially China and India). However, profitability and margins remain low — adversely affected by overcapacity in many regions and product areas and by the continuing investment in state-of-the-art equipment in such areas in India and China, where low-cost manufacturing also impacts volume and margins in other regions.

There has been further rationalization and consolidation in the industry. Investment in metallizing equipment by the oriented polypropylene film manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East, and India continues, and raw material producers and converters also are rationalizing. The new entity Treofan has resulted from the merger of Trespaphan and Moplefan, and Amcor has strengthened its metallizing interests with the acquisition of Rexam Camvac.

However, new products and technologies have been slow to develop and gain acceptance in the marketplace. Transparent film coatings have promised much for many years but still fail to take off outside niche areas, such as uses in Japan for clear barrier flexible packaging and in Europe for microwavable pouches.

“Metallized Films and Papers: Global Sourcebook 2004” completely reviews and revises the market data, material trends, and product areas in the 2002 edition. It includes additional specialist sections reporting on AWA-conducted surveys on metallizer ergonomics and the effect on production efficiencies — a subject originally addressed in Dr. Llewellyn's paper at the AIMCAL 2003 Fall Conference. There is new information on the holographic materials markets, with special reference to security and brand protection applications.

Full details of the sourcebook, to be published in spring, are available on the Web site:

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