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Laminate/Cut on Demand
PCM Image-Tek
, Springfield, VT; 336/282-4385; image-tk.com
The Pro 5 laminator reportedly delivers an industrial-strength laminated label for almost any environment. Prints, laminates, and butt cuts labels on demand in a wide range of label sizes from 1 × 1 to 5 × 20 in. Integrates seamlessly with most thermal transfer printers, company says, adding “intelligent” rotary butt cutter cuts continuous or die-cut stock with precision and can adjust the label length on the fly from job to job without operator intervention.

White Paper Offers High Gloss
Cham-Tenero Paper Mills
, Cham, Switzerland; +41 41 785 3333
Adicar S4 high-gloss, double-coated label paper is said to offer outstanding levels of whiteness, making it possible for label printers to produce high-brilliance color prints. Paper can be printed using all traditional printing processes and has been treated on the reverse side for optimum adhesive application.

Produce Super-Imposed Labels In-Line
, Lecco, Italy; +39 0 341 367513; omet.it
The “Peel & Seal” station has been developed to produce multilayer labels on any narrow web press. It is composed of various components that interlay between the printing and finishing stations. Unit can manufacture in-line super-imposed labels on base labels starting from a single material roll of either paper or adhesive BOPP. The labels can be used on various products, such as foodstuff, cosmetics, cleansing agents, etc., allowing the upper label to promote the product, while the base label contains additional instructional or promotional information.

Versatile UV Lamp Assemblies
, Union, NJ; 908/688-0050; hanovia-uv.com
UV lamp reflector assemblies are constructed of lightweight extruded aluminum housing and allow operation to 400 W/in. They are available in arc lengths from 4-77 in. Air-cooled from either end or center, units can be used with ceramic or metal end clamps. Users can choose from focused or flood reflectors and units are adaptable for use with dichroic optics (coated reflector/quartz plate).

“Wash-Down” Capability Added
Sprinter Marking
, Zanesville, OH; 740/453-1000; sprintermarking.com
Line of ink code-marking machines now offers a “wash-down” capability. Company's standard machines, used to apply a date code to a container surface, reportedly can be modified with the necessary corrosion-resistant parts to provide this feature with minimal additional expense. New feature allows the operator to steam clean the machine with no rust or corrosion concerns, the company reports.

Treat and Clean Web with One Unit
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
Company joins Simco Industrial Static Control to offer narrow web corona treater/web cleaner combination unit said to mount onto existing presses quickly and to be prewired for easy incorporation. Adjustable mounting plate and treat widths conform to most existing press configurations. System can run at line speeds above 700 fpm in sizes from 7.5-30 in. The combo unit is available in topside, bottom side, and two-side configurations. Web cleaner is available in contact and noncontact configurations.

Rewind with Two Spindles
, Henderson, NV; 702/435-8535; 877/833-7149; labelmate.com
The Twin-Cat-2 label rewinder incorporates two rewind spindles to handle multiple rewind cores conveniently for desktop slitting, or to rewind finished label and waste matrix rolls for die-cut label matrix stripping operations. Uses two powered spindles with quick-locking. “Quick-Chuck” core chucks to provide greater power and convenience in multi-core rewind situations, company notes.

UV Printer Adds Capabilities
A.T.W. World Trade Group
, Chicago, IL; 773/777-7100; screenprintingmachinery.com
The American M&M Hercules UV printer is enhanced with new features, including instant servicing, larger print sizes, faster production rates, and improved print quality. Press now is supported by Remote Diagnostics, a worldwide service reportedly able to reduce downtime by as much as 80%. New range of print formats include 25 × 38 in., 30 × 40 in., 38 × 52-in., and 50 × 75 in.

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