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Winding system suited for long lengths

The winding system is designed for slitting and spooling exceptionally long lengths of tension-sensitive medical laminates onto a single core. It features a 10-in.-wide slitter and six independent traverse-winding positions. The slitter includes: a cantilevered unwind with programmable constant tension, auto edge guide and pneumatic peel-off lay-on roll; entry and exit s-wrap pull rolls with adjustable draw control, auxiliary web rewind for unslit portion; traversing edge trim take up and interchangeable slitting assemblies for shear and razor slitting. Each of the winding positions can spool maximum 15-in. diameter and 12-in.-wide packages on 8-in. inner diameter cores. Each position features independent adjustment to vary spool width, pitch and end dwell. The drie system provides precise, adjustable tension at speeds of up to 200 fpm.

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