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What's New Products: February

Sensors Are Accurate

Smarteye X-Pro Model XP10 high-speed, dual-function sensors are designed to perform as either precision registration mark sensors or as standard photoelectric sensors. Offers highly accurate edge detection, five memory locations, remote control input line for PLC, and external programming.

◆Tri-Tronics Co. | 800-237-0946 | www.ttco.com

Amplify the Tension Signal

The TrueTension TI17C amplifier takes the tension signal to a PLC, drive, or controller when connected to tension transducers. Quick-Cal zero and calibration push buttons provide fast, reliable setup, company says. Operational tension limit switch serves as alarm trigger for web break prevention.

◆Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 | www.dfe.com

Brakes, Chucks Offer Safety

The V-KL high-performance integrated brake/safety chuck package is said to offer roll users safe and solid capture of roll goods. Features an easy-service, quick-connect power supply and an integral fan. Fits a wide range of shaft sizes and can be used in almost any converting application.

◆The Montalvo Corp. | 800-226-8710 | www.montalvo.com

Rollstock Can Save Energy

PureFlex MW (microwavable) self-venting laminate for freezer-to-microwave applications is a laminated rollstock ready for use. True-to-life process printing is available in either flexo or gravure. Benefits reportedly include solventless lamination option that offers an 86% improvement in energy and allows for an energy innovation credit in the Wal-Mart Scorecard. Available in one or two-side sealable versions and is FDA-compliant for all food types.

◆Ampac Flexibles | 513-671-1777 | www.ampaconline.com

Cradle Rolls Safely

The recycled fiber full roll perfed cradle and its thermoformed roll cradles feature patented locking end tabs. Perforations at 20 in. and 40 in. on a 24×40 full roll cradle reportedly make it easy for converters to conform narrow width products to nearly every standard pallet size with fewer packaging components, reduced labor, and increased safety.

◆Rollguard | 800-925-2626 | www.rollguard.com

Process Plates for Higher Quality

The PlateRite FX1524 large-format flexo CTP recorder reportedly streamlines processing and improves print quality for a wide range of flexo printing applications, including labels, flexible packages, cartons, and corrugated cardboard packages. Features a high-output exposure head and handles flexo plates, letterpress plates, and thermal ablative film to 42 × 60 in. Able to image at resolutions of 2,400 dpi or 2,540 dpi.

◆Screen (USA) | 847-870-7400 | www.screenusa.com

Consumables Keep Equipment Running Well

Saphira press and roller care chemistry products reportedly enhance the quality of printed materials and help maximize equipment. Solutions include a presswash conventional ink, a chrome roller cleaner, a roller paste, and a calcium rinse.

◆Heidelberg USA | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com

Neutralize Static on Fast-Moving Webs

The Ion Power Virtual AC static neutralizer features advanced solid-state engineering captured in compact plug-and-play communication/control modules and static bars that connect easily to industrial networks or automated machinery. System can neutralize static charges from more than 30 in. away on webs moving over 3,000 fpm. The 8300 Communicator modules connect the 8100 Power Modules to industrial networks to bring what is said to be the best control functions, system diagnostics, and real-time static control data to the operator.

◆MKS ION Industrial | 888-310-3334 | www.mksinst.com

Fight Counterfeiting

The Track & Trace system serializes pharmaceutical products with 2D bar codes, RFID technology, or customized codes. Prevents counterfeiting and ensures every step of the packaging process can be verified at a later stage.

◆Uhlmann | 973-402-8855 | www.uhlmannpackaging.com

Guides Work on Many Webs

All-air steering guides are suited for a range from the narrowest ribbons to 150-in.-wide webs. Guides control web direction after longer entry spans and are actuated with powerful and highly responsive air cylinders that run entirely on low-pressure, 3-6 psi plant air. Self-cleaning all-air edge detectors blow away vapors, mist, process dust, and contaminants.

◆Coast Controls | 800-513-2345 | www.coastcontrols.com

Material Has Many Uses

Integuard cellulose acetate is modified to allow the tear strength to be varied to meet customer's exact need. Suitable applications for this transparent material include carton closures, overlamination, and indoor anti-vandal signs. Provides visual evidence of tampering and can be marked clearly as a tamperproof seal/laminate as a deterrent. Said to be easily processed and compatible with packaging and print materials.

◆3Sigma Corp. | 800-347-3091 | www.3sigma.cc

Measure Visible Light Energy

The ACCU-CAL 50V radiometer can measure visible light energy emitted from lightguides, flood systems, and conveyors. Said to be simple to operate and to offer repeatable measurement of visible light. Specially designed photo sensor assembly protects the photo sensor from high temperatures.

◆Dymax Corp. | 860-482-1010 | www.dymax.com

Digital/Analog Hybrid Die-Cutter

The i-Tech Fusion hybrid die-cutting system for short- and long-run label converting combines digital and analog technology capable of continuous media flow at 50 fpm. State-of-the-art registration system and cylindrical die are said to ensure precise cuts. Magnetic die cylinder allows a variable frame length of 2-10 in., and system includes automatic lamination, stripping, and slitting stations. Modular design permits customization and modification, including UV coating and varnishing systems.

◆Allen Datagraph Systems | 603-216-6344 | www.allendatagraph.com.

Film Offered in Black

Cosmetic black color APTIV film is based on company's PEEK polymer. Reported to have the same properties as the natural color film, including excellent fatigue, power handling, and high-temperature performance.

◆Victrex USA | 800-victrex | www.victrex.com

Overlap System Adds Speed

Airfoil Overlap System has a patented design that can increase speeds at the point of overlap by 200 fpm. When outfitted with a volume booster valve, unit requires no operator adjustment regardless of line speed or sheet length changes. Company says compact design makes retrofitting sheeters easy.

◆Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com

Die-Cut Accurately

Cutting plates for flat-bed die-cutting presses reportedly combine exceptional flatness with excellent wear resistance. Manufactured with high accuracy on hardness, flatness, and dimensional tolerance, plates are said to be ideal for precise cutting with high quality cutting rules. Plates are available in Hard and Medium Hard, in widths to 1,200 mm, thicknesses from 1.0-1.4 mm, and lengths to suit any flat-bed cutting press.

◆Sandvik DieCutting Products |800-253-2437 | www.smt.sandvik.com

Software, Papers Aid Proofing

Fogra-certified inkjet proofing papers are designed to reproduce different printing processes accurately. Consumables also include a range of papers and films for indoor and outdoor posters, displays and silkscreen production, and high-density black inks. ProofMaster software is said to offer the most user-friendly and cost-effective solution for accurate proofing.

◆PerfectProof | +32 15 27 25 02 | www.perfectproof.com

A Workflow Solution

Prinergy Powerpack Workflow System is said to create a predictable and reliable manufacturing process that automates steps, reduces errors, and streamlines operations. Delivers specialized packaging prepress tools needed to build and preflight packaging files. Includes a job management feature to track jobs from receipt of files through proofing, approval, and platemaking. Features high-resolution screening (Staccato, flexo, and conventional AM technology).

◆Kodak | 866-563-2533 | www.graphics.kodak.com

Mounts for Idler Rolls

Three pre-engineered mounts are said to simplify and speed dead shaft idler roll mount installation. The Quickie Mount will tolerate some degree of misalignment, such as mounting to an unmachined surface. Split Flange Mounts are ideal for between-frame mounting or mounting on a vertical surface. The Rigid Mount often is selected for applications with heavy loads and long-shafted rolls. Mounts are offered for all standard shaft sizes to 2 in.

◆Webex | 920-729-6666 | www.webexinc.com

Inspect Difficult Webs

The Nyscan Web:Inspector has the new TubeLight fully integrated, providing illumination for difficult webs such as embossed metallized surfaces. System can cover a wide speed range and will find defects, including broken or missing characters, misregistration, color deviations, splashes, and more.

◆Erhardt+ Leimer | +49 821 24 35-0 | www.erhardt-leimer.com

Collect, Analyze Data

TexturePro CT software for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries is designed for use with company's new CT3 Texture Analyzer. Software allows users to collect data and perform detailed data analysis on test samples of various shapes and sizes with real-time graphic plotting during the test. Allows custom reports and graphs to be created easily directly from the menu screen.

◆Brookfield Engineering Laboratories | 800-628-8139 | www.brookfieldengineering.com

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