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Winder System Can Tackle Difficult Materials
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com
Turret winder system promises automatic, zero foldover transfer of webs that conventional methods can't cut, according to co. Product can process multi-ply laminates, highly extensible webs, brittle materials, foams, and thick-gauge films. Multiple-core diameters and automatic roll-handling equipment are available; system also can be designed for overmode or undermode winding and can be set up for automatic changeover.

Control Static in Hazardous Locations Ion Systems Industrial, Windsor Locks, CT; 860/292-6847; ion.com/industrial
Static neutralizing system, featuring computer interface for use in hazardous locations, is approved for use in Class I, Div. 1 or 2, Group D areas. Patented Virtual AC Intelligent static neutralizer features an 8001HL static neutralizing bar, 8011HL solid state, high-voltage power supply with built-in monitoring circuit, and a controller. Power supply is designed for use inside the hazardous area; control and interface components are installed outside the hazardous area.

Form Paper Plates/Trays With Speed, Versatility
International Converting Equipment
, Avon, CT; 860/677-5891
TICE PT-21 paper plate and tray forming machine/blank feeder can produce up to 70 products/min. Utilizing one or two dies, machine can create two different trays at the same time, as well as all shapes and sizes of plates and containers, says co. Standard features include an easily adjustable vacuum feeder; a compact design that requires minimal floor space; and a PLC for cycle control. Mfr. notes that users can change between products in less than 1 hr.

Precision Roll Coat with Modular Systems
May Coating Technologies
, St. Paul, MN; 651/765-9686; maycoating.com
Co. offers precision roll coating systems for close-tolerance applications. Modular systems are said to allow the addition of coating capabilities and simple integration into production lines. Electronic speed pacing, following, or ratioing available. Coating rolls are independently driven with digital servo drives.

"Arcless" Bars Produce Controlled Static Charging
Tantec Inc.
, Schaumburg, IL; 847/524-5506; tantecusa.com
C-type and RC-type charging bars are described as "arcless" equipment. Their electrodes produce controlled static charging of nonconductive films and sheets for temporary holding. When used with co.'s high-frequency electrostatic charging generators, system is said to be effective in many printing operations. RC-type bars are resistively coupled, which reportedly eliminates potential interference with sensitive electronic components.

System Monitors Register, Reduces Setup and Waste
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
AR400 monitors register color and cutoff in real time and also manages corrective action on press. A small sensing head detects deviation and sends required corrections to the press or servo drives. According to co., system will monitor and hold registration with an accuracy to 0.0004 in. in print and 0.008 in. in print-to-fold; it is reportedly capable of managing up to ten colors at press speeds above 3,600 fpm.

Slitter/Rewinder Puts Emphasis on Versatility Matik North America, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323; matik.com
Co. offers the Goebel Topslit slitter/rewinder, which can process paper, cardboard, and flexible packaging materials. Especially recommended for rolls with a large diameter and materials that are suitable for single-shaft winding. The machine, which has unsupported center winding, comes with alternative slitting systems: a wrapped circular knife shear cut with top and bottom knife shafts, and/or pneumatically operated single top knife holders and tangential circular knife shear cut. The drives feature maintenance-free AC technology, co. says.

New Beamsplitter for Mounter/Proofer ADI International, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; arcdoyle.com
A beamsplitter is now available for co.'s AKU-Check-mounter/proofer. This optical device, which is used to split a beam of light into two or more separate beams, reflects and transmits light. Co. notes that beamsplitters are verified for quality using a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 spectrophotometer.

Sheet Inserter Guarantees Pad Placement
Ducker Automation
, Matthews, NC; 704/321-2310
Bottom Sheet Inserter applies edge protection pads of corrugated board under stacks of sheets or finished products. Uses an "in-house" paper product as edge protection. Each inserter is fitted with a driven-roller conveyor and a PLC. Encoder guarantees exact pad placement in both the lateral and longitudinal direction, co. says.

Data Entry Terminal Runs Complex Patterns
Valco Cincinnati
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/874-6550; valcocincinnatiinc.com
Using simple pictograms and market-specific program symbols, the OT-100 data entry terminal can accept and integrate up to 16 different glue valves and sensors for multiple and specific applications. Connected to co.'s MCP/MCU series of controls, it can reportedly run complex/precise gluing patterns, code reading, color detection, print-to-print monitoring, print-to-cut monitoring, carton ejection, and data collection.

Sensor Assesses Compression Between Two Surfaces
Sensor Products
, East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755; 800/755-2201.
Pressurex tactile-force indicating sensor is said to be useful in assessing compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces. Sensor comes in a large, thin sheet. When placed between impacting or mating surfaces, sensor film instantaneously and permanently changes color. Intensity of color is proportional to the amount of force applied, allowing the user to quantify stress characteristics across the surface.

Roller Support Dryers Are Efficient, Flexible
Faustel Inc.
, Germantown, WI; 262/253-3333; faustel.com
Roller support dryers can be integrated into a variety of operations. Available in an assortment of interior types, dryers are said to be suited for solvent-based, water-based, or curing applications for paper, film, or foil. Reportedly are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Print In-Line on Extruder or Bagmaker
Retroflex Inc.
, Wrightstown, WI; 920/532-4850; 877/532-5600; retroflex.com
K-Series flexographic printer operates in-line with extruder or bag machine. Reportedly offering ease of operation and installation, printers are available to accept web widths from 10-60 in. wide (greater widths available on request). All components are designed for continuous operation to 1,000 fpm. Enclosed chamber doctoring system is standard, and a total of eight colors can be obtained in a stack-type configuration.

Train with Flexo Press Simulator
Anderson & Vreeland Inc.
, Bryan, OH; 419/636-5002; andersonvreeland.com
FlexSys flexo press simulator is designed to train, troubleshoot, and diagnose printing problems. According to co., using the simulator allows staff to practice, spot, or fix problems without using up press time or materials.

Rewind Wallcoverings at High Speeds
Elsner Engineering Works Inc.
, Hanover, PA; 717/637-5991; elsnereng.com
EWR-760 high-speed coreless wallcovering rewinder is designed to handle a variety of materials. It can operate as a stand-alone unit fed from master mill rolls or be placed directly in a complete production line with coating, embossing, or printing capabilities. Reportedly, up to 30 finished rolls/min can be produced with material widths from 20.5-30 in. Roll length cut is adjustable from 8-33 ft with finished coreless roll diameters from 1.75-4 in. New operator interface and computer-controlled programmer provide a roll length accuracy of 0.1 in. (2.5 mm) at speeds to 1,000 fpm (305 mpm). Options include automatic splice detection and defective roll dropout, video web inspection, web break detection, and more.

Holder Takes Guesswork Out of Blade Life Dienes Corp., Spencer, MA; 800/345-4038; dienescorp.com
The Smart Holder uses green, yellow, and red indicator lights to display when a top knife blade is sharp, worn, or needs to be replaced. After an initial test with the material to be cut, device is programmed and the monitoring begins. Allows operators to anticipate downtime for blade replacement or regrinding.

Silicone, Oil Viscosity Standards Are Certified
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
, Middleboro, MA; 508/946-6200; brookfieldengineering.com
Silicone Viscosity Standards are available from 5-100,000 cP at 25 deg C and Oil Viscosity Standards from 31-420,000 cP at 25 deg C. Standards are accurate within 1% of the stated viscosity and are certified by methods traceable to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Supplied in 11/42-liter (1-pint) containers.

CTP System for Corrugated Merges Technologies MacDermid Graphic Arts, Atlanta, GA; 800/348-7201; macdermid.com
Co. has partnered with Stork-STK to produce the Boxcor 1700 computer-to-plate (CTP) technology. Product merges precision instrumentation commonly used with laser imaging and flexo RIP with patented plate-positioning functions. Combination is said to deliver in-the-round, in-position imaging for perfect registration, true reproduction, and no distortion for corrugated applications.

Expansion Modules Are Bladderless
Arrowhive Equipment Ltd.
, Oxfordshire, England; ph: +44 (0)1491-682044
The Modulo line of winding components is designed to replace rubber bladders, reportedly eliminating downtime due to worn bladders in air shafts. Components can be fully integrated with winding shafts, chucks, and mandrels of any diameter and length, and can be used in lightweight and medium-duty paper, film, and foil unwinding and rewinding applications. Co. says additional benefits include high load and torque capacity; minimal maintenance; the ability to have the air valve in radial face, axial end, or both; and air pressure to ten bars (140 psi) for greater capacity.

Paper Cutter Handles Large-Format Material
Colter & Peterson Inc.
, Paterson, NJ; 800/932-0780; colter-peterson.com
Maxima paper cutter is designed to cut large-format material in stacks to 3 in. Co. says features include a light beam to indicate the cutting line; long left- and right-side guides for better positioning; hydraulic clamp to hold material securely; box/crank drive with brake motor, to draw the knife through the pile; air-cushion tables to make moving heavy material easier; and intermittent knife and clamp drives designed for quieter operation. Reported to meet ANSI and OSHA safety regulations, with a light barrier safety device, two-hand electric control system, and mesh guards.

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