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Tackifier Resins Cleared for Indirect Food Uses
ExxonMobil Chemical Co.
, Houston, TX; 281/870-6607
Co. reports it has received US FDA clearance for its entire grade slate of Escorez 2000 and 5000 tackifiers. Resins are cleared for broader use in indirect food contact applications in accordance with 21 CFR. Applications include tamper-proof seals and lids for food containers; composite containers; seals in boxes or rice and cereal; wrapping for bandages, candy, and gum; and more.

UV-Curable Inks Provide Good Flowout
Akzo Nobel Inks
, Plymouth, MN; 612/559-5911;
UVOSCREEN II UV-curable screen inks for self-adhesive label substrates are formulated for use in all makes of rotary screen units as well as for fast-running, flatbed presses. Mfr. reports superior ink adhesion and color strength on a wide range of substrates, including PE, topcoated PP, and coated papers and boardstock. Inks are said to demonstrate excellent flow-out characteristics for solids with enhanced gloss yet retain the viscosity needed to hold fine type.

Inks Are Designed for Range of Purposes
Gans Ink & Supply Co.
, Los Angeles, CA; 323/264-2200; 800/421-6167
RapiCure high-performance UV inks for sheet-fed and web applications are designed for paper and boardstocks. Also available in a fade-resistant formulation. VinylCure is formulated for credit and ID cards that are laminated, as well as for "smart cards" that are clear overcoated. DryCure is designed for printing on extruded containers. FormUV is intended for forms applications on sheet-fed and web presses.

Adhesive Allows Secure Packaging with No Inner Bag
Henkel Group
, Düsseldorf, Germany; +49 (0)2 11-797-3533
Technomelt VS 715 adhesive is said to allow fine-grained products to be packaged in folding boxes with a sift- and insect-proof seal, without an inner bag. Technique requires applying many individual parallel lines of adhesive, which are subsequently squeezed to form a continuous, tight film. Co. reports that adhesive offers the following properties: high thermal stability; neat, tail-free cutoff at nozzles; good flow behavior; and long open time combined with rapid curing. Co. adds that adhesive won't loosen its bond strength even if package is coated on the inside with grease-repellent film.

Water-Based Foaming Adhesive Line Expands
E.T. Oakes Corp.
, Hauppauge, NY; 631/232-0002
A new series of Ad-Foam water-based adhesives is available in three price and production ranges. Adhesives feature foaming technology said to cut costs for users of water-based adhesives in litho, label, and other laminating applications by reducing adhesive usage and improving production efficiencies. Using precisely controlled, high-shear mixing technology, product reportedly creates a bond using 25%-40% less adhesive. Co. reports other benefits include improved layflat; minimal grain raise; reduced buildup on knives; faster setting speeds; and excellent holdout on recycled or highly absorbent substrates.

UV Flexo Inks Offer Detail and Gloss
Sericol Inc.
, Kansas City, KS; 913/573-3577
UVivid 800 is a series of UV flexo inks for narrow web printing applications. The entire range is engineered with the low viscosity of water-based inks and features ultra-high-density colors. Said to allow faster press speeds and provide finer detail and strong, consistent colors. Inks cure to a high-gloss finish that exhibits excellent mar and chemical resistance, co. reports.

Hot Melt Adhesives Resist Heat, Set Quickly
, South St. Paul, MN; 651/733-0691;
Bulk hot melt adhesives offer characteristics that include fast setting, delayed tack, low application temperatures, and high heat resistance. Line comprises 12 adhesives. Markets include POP/exhibit, packaging, electronics, and more. Available as pellets, discs, and bricks, product is shipped in 22-lb cases.

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