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Testing & Measuring Products

Track Temps, Humidity

Hobo U14 LCD Data Logger monitoring system displays and tracks temperature and humidity levels in a broad range of indoor environments. Features an easy-to-read backlit LCD display that allows users to make immediate visual checks and provides long-term data logging for trend analysis. Software is said to be intuitive.
Onset Computer Corp. | 800-564-4377 | www.onsetcomp.com

Software Upgraded

Upgraded version of HAAKE RheoWin 4 software for rheological investigations includes improved measuring and evaluation functions, user-friendly interface, and Windows Vista compatibility. Also launched is a tribology cell for rheometer product line. Now a fully automated procedure can be defined to measure the tribological behavior of material combinations with or without lubrication.
Thermo Fisher Scientific | +49 0 721 40 94 169 | www.thermofisher.com

Testing Solutions Are Offered

Line of force and torque testing solutions for packaging and packaging material manufacturers covers such applications as cork extraction; friction testing; peel testing; pump actuation; tensile testing; top-load testing; and torque testing of child-resistant and tamper-evident closures.
Mecmesin | + 44 0 1403 799919 | www.mecmesin.com

Measure Cell Volume & More

Testing and measuring equipment includes the GravureCAM, which allows users to read chrome gravure cylinders; the IntaglioCAM for security printing applications, a mono censored, high-speed, camera with 3x higher resolution compared to company's flagship camera; and the updated AniCAM, a quality control instrument for measuring the volume of cells on anilox cylinders.
Troika Systems | +44 0 1793 766 355 | www.troika-systems.com

Evaluate Materials Directly

The R/S Plus rheometer features a smaller diameter spindle shaft, smaller size water jacket accessory, and direct control of temperature from the keypad on P1 and P2 Cone Plate models. Unit is designed for rheological evaluation of materials through the direct measurement of viscosity, yield stress, thixotropic response, creep, and other flow properties. Temperature range is to 180 deg C and speed range is from 0.1-1,000 rpm.
Brookfield Engineering | 800-628-8139 | www.brookfieldengineering.com

Measure UV Curing

The tesa UV strip is a photochromatic film for dose measurement on the object surface. The exposed strips can be evaluated with a reading device that also allows data storage. Minimal thickness and high flexibility enable measurements on surfaces that are difficult to access, company says, and self-adhesive backing facilitates measurement of vertical web paths.
Honle UV America | 508-229-7774 | www.honleuv.com

Save Downtime

The Accu-Cal 100 radiometer for monitoring UV intensity or dose is said to offer repeatable measurement. Able to measure UV light to 10 W/cm2 emitted from stationary flood curing lamps or lamps used in conveyorized processes. Features one-button operation and has a 12-mo calibration period, resulting in lower cost and less downtime.
Dymax Corp. | 860-482-1010 | www.dymax.com

Measure Nip Widths

The Mini Sigma-Nip electronic nip analysis system measures roller profiles and diagnoses roll alignment, reportedly with speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy. System is for measuring nip widths of rolls with circumferences smaller than 20 in. Sensors capture data and record nip width readings, and adjustments are made in real time.
Sensor Products | 800-755-2201 | www.sensorprod.com

Analyze Thermal Data

The MP150 high-speed IR linescanner operates with a complete suite of application software to provide fast noncontact temperature measurement. The latest electronics, optics, communications, and mirror mechanisms allow the user to configure the system simply and quickly to analyze thermal data to monitor and control manufacturing processes, company says. This fourth-generation linescanner has expanded data collection capability.
Raytek | 800-227-8074 | www.raytek.com

Test Materials at Your Level

The Kinexus enables users to characterize and enhance a material's performance with innovations in rheometer design, from sample preparation and loading, through measurement setup and operation, to data analysis and reporting. The rSpace software system allows users to work at the level appropriate to them. The rMotion drive has an adaptive air bearing that configures its operation automatically according to test conditions.
Malvern Instruments | 508-768-6400 | www.malvern.com

Measure PET Polymers

The Davenport PETPlus Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Measurement Instrument determines the IV of moisture-sensitive PET polymers. Also measures the degradation factor and provides the mean and standard deviation for each batch. System is supplied with a convenient integral nitrogen regulation valve for easy pressure adjustment when testing different materials.
Lloyd Instruments | 727-536-7831 | www.lloyd-instruments.com

Monitor Layflat of Sleeves

ProSleeve is a layflat measuring system used to monitor and control the finished layflat quality on machines that produce sleeve products. Uses a high-resolution CCD camera to measure the actual finished layflat widths of sleeves as they are being made on the seamer machine. Operator is notified when actual size exceeds specs or begins to drift. Filter package enhances web edges and allows system to see substrates readily and measure to a tolerance of ±0.1 mm.
BST Pro Mark | 630-833-9000 | www.bstpromark.com

No Need for Manual Testing

The ReliaPull adhesion test equipment is said to reduce the human variation that results when tape tests are performed manually. With this equipment, the method is repeated exactly the same way each time, company says. Any tape on a 3-in. core that is between ¼ and 1 in. will work.
Random Logic | 513-752-4649 | http://reliapull.net

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