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Coatings Resist Oil, Stains

Capstone sustainable fluorotelomer products are used to make surface-protection products such as oil- and grease-resistant coatings for the packaging industry. Reportedly, coatings resist stains, will not change the appearance or feel of the paper, and are nonfilm forming. Said to deliver maximum performance with a minimal environmental footprint, product meets US EPA 2010/15 PFOA stewardship program.

Ink Adds Security

OASIS (Optically Active Security Ink System) incorporates both an overt color shift and a semi-covert level of security. Semi-covert properties become visible by using light polarization filters. Ink is based on liquid crystal technology that uses light interference to display its colors. Several color shifts and polarization effects are available.

Shaft Collars Assembly Is Simplified

Expanded line of hinged shaft collars is now offered in various bore styles to match different types of shafts. Collars feature a triple-link hinge and a captive clamping screw to simplify assembly and provide the same holding power as conventional two-piece collars. Now offered with round, threaded, hex, and square box shapes, collars are suitable for use as stops or spacers and for mounting devices in applications involving different shaft configurations.

Manage Static at Many Stations

Ion Power, the next generation of company's Virtual AC static neutralizer, neutralizes over a range of 30 in. at web/material speeds of more than 3,000 fpm. Key components include the 8100 Power Module and the 8200 Manager Master Controller, said to provide excellent flexibility for control and monitoring. A single 8200 Manager can be used to monitor and control up to nine static neutralizing stations while displaying the performance and diagnostic parameters for each individual system. Reportedly, control over a multi-station system is simplified.

Sense Temperature Reliably

Bolt-on temperature sensors are designed for quick and easy installation. Available in a wide temperature range, sensors can be mounted on machines against process pipes or embedded directly into a machined part. Said to provide stable and reliable output compatible with most control and monitoring systems.

Spreader Rolls Aid Sustainability

WrinkleSTOP spreader rolls are said to have the ability to improve the quality of web production, reduce waste, and effectively run thinner gauge materials. Rolls not only support downgauging and thinner gauges while generating less waste but also allow an overall increase in line speeds, company reports.

Film Has Water-Based Topcoat

Company says 20 Cothene, the topcoated version of its Cothene mono-layered polyolefin film, offers an alternative to vinyl and other films in the health and beauty market, among others. Reportedly, water-based topcoat provides superior ink adhesion and greater rub resistance, allowing vibrant and durable graphics. Film can be thermal-transfer printed and is available in thicknesses from 2-6 mils and widths to 61 in.

Measure Static Accurately

The 983v2 static locater is a lightweight, pocket-sized device said to provide accurate measurement of static electrical charges over a wide range of voltages. Features a continuous mode that can measure fluctuation in charge levels easily, while the highest charge can be detected with the “peak hold” mode enabled. Integral distance meter gives a clear indication of the correct operating range.

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Make Many Types of Pouches

The Vega 610 pouchmaker offers independent seal time control on transverse seal, longitudinal seal and zip seal area. Also features unique control for zip sealing gap and pressure. No metal flange zip separators are required, reducing less set-up time and waste. Applications include 2/3 side seal pouches from laminates/unsupported coextruded films, zipper pouches on 2-up format, stand-up pouches with self-in bottom gusset/separate bottom gusset insert, side gusseted bottom seal bags, slider zipper pouches, and more.

Software Raises Quality

Active 3D RIP software tool boosts halftone and highlight quality by the direct laser engraving process. Said to allow unprecedented control when generating negative and positive dot shapes and dimensions across the whole tonal range — from 1%-99% density. With total flexibility of shoulder steepness, the dots, especially in highlight areas, have optimum support. Process is precise and fast, requiring minimum manual input, company adds.

Combo Controller Offered

The DTI-3400 combination controller includes both dancer and load cell (transducer) inputs. Load cell signal may be amplified and displayed on an analog meter to monitor web tension or used to precisely supply air to the dancer cylinder, allowing preset of actual web tension.

Produce Plates Easily

The Verbatim 4460 platemaking system is said to offer flat liquid plates with fast turnaround and ease of use at an affordable cost. The in-line processor has a space-saving design; clean movement among washout, PX, and rinse; easy-access pump service; and more.

Roller Line Expanded

Expanded line of rollers includes cushion, solid, finned, and drive designs. Finned rollers offer a softer grip for more gentle transport; solid rollers reportedly provide long service life. PU is commonly used, but other materials are available for individual customer needs. Durometers from A20 through D60 are available for stud or shaft mounting.

Neutralize Static at a Distance

The ThunderION anti-static bar is designed for ease of use, especially in difficult applications. Long-range ionization is achieved with a combination of high-voltage, pulsed DC and a low frequency. Other features include replaceable emitters, low-voltage input of 24V DC, and LED indication. Control module provides the power and control for up to four anti-static bars.

Adhesive Easy to Apply

A-454 ultra-low-tack/peel removable adhesive is called ideal for temporary interior applications such as promotional and novelty decal and sticker applications. Available with both vinyl and PP films, adhesive provides an alternative to traditional cling vinyl products. Said to be simple to apply and to remove cleanly and easily from a variety of smooth surfaces. Company offers a variety of topcoat and liner combinations to meet specific converting requirements.

Refurbish Rolls to Save Time, Money

Company refurbishes process rolls, reportedly saving users thousands of dollars and weeks of lead time waiting for new roll deliveries. Full-service roll refurbishing and grinding services include journal repair, precision roll grinding, mirror superfinishing, roll replating, refinishing, recovering, and recoating. Chill roll refurbishing can include roll surface refinishing as well as internal acid flushing if required. Roll refurbishing is performed routinely on all roll sizes to 48 in. dia and 300 in. in length.

Inspect with Many Features

The Shark 4000 LeX 100% inspection system is now available for webs to 80 in. and speeds to 2,200 fpm. Systems feature a graphic touchscreen user interface, wizzard style job setup, b/w or color line scan cameras, defect archiving and reporting, work flow link, and in-line inspection of the master PDF file against the actual print.

Make Shelf-Stable Bags

The high-speed SG-6 flat bottom bagmaking machine utilizes company's patented Box Pouch technology to produce side-gusset, bottom seal bags with flat bottoms at speeds to 100 bags/min. Reportedly, the finished “zipper” box pouches are more compact and shelf-stable than traditional stand-up pouches, reducing film consumption by 10%-15% and maximizing retail store shelf utilization. Finished bags also use the same fill/seal equipment as traditional stand-up pouches, allowing end-users to transition seamlessly to the more efficient product, company adds.

Security Solution Offered

Biometric authentication technology delivers an anti-counterfeiting solution based on the natural microstructures found in the substrate of an individual package. Camera-based technology captures the data embedded in the structure of a particular package and transforms it into a digital signature using a proprietary software solution. The “digital signature,” based on the random characteristics of the structure, is said to be more unique than a fingerprint and cannot be duplicated easily.

Linen Paper Is Back & It's Green

Company has relaunched Beckett Cambric premium linen paper grade with up-to-date environmental attributes, 15 new shades, heavier weights, and digital with i-Tone options designed for the HP Indigo press (also said to run equally well on Kodak Nexpress 2100 Plus and Xerox iGen3 presses). Carbon neutral line is FSC certified and features five shades made with 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) fiber and 12 shades with 30% PCW.

Additive, Coating Fight Static

Staticon 450 additive is for water-based liquids that require anti-static properties. Will reduce coating defects due to static buildup in inks or coatings. For electronic packaging, product develops a coating that is both anti-static and clear. Aqua Cote 1710 aqueous coating reportedly provides excellent adhesion for paper and film when anti-static properties are required. Dry coating is clear and offers processing flexibility as well as resistance to water and scuffs.

Sheet Envelopes in Small Space

Envelope sheeter is available in widths to 65 in. and can run at speeds to 1,000 fpm while maintaining tolerances of ±0.015 in. length accuracy. Compact size is said to require minimal floor space and only one operator. Various stacker configurations are available, and company's Airfoil Overlap permits it to run lightweight grades of paper jam-free at high speeds. While capable of cutting up to eight rolls at a time, unit usually is outfitted with four shafted rollstands for short runs and individual decurling units to minimize waste associated with curl set.

Regrind Knives to Save Time, Money

The S6 wheel grinder allows users to regrind circular knives and lower cutting knives on-site, saving time and transport costs as well as minimizing knife inventory. Accommodates knives from 1.6-7 in. dia. Slitting wheel sizes are from 1.6-4.7 in. and accommodates lower cutting knives from 2-3.5 in. dia. Offers true diamond smoothing device for grinding discs.

Stop Ink Tracking, Marking

No-Mark Starwheels now are available for large press formats 36 in. and up. They are custom built for customer's applications and are said to make it easy to run any weight coated stock without ink tracking or marking. Units have fully adjustable anti-tracking components suitable for virtually every printing application in which ink marking and tracking could occur. Proprietary Tefclean material is highly repellent to both oil- and rubber-based inks.

Printers Handle Complex Images

The single-printhead BX6500 and dual-head BX6600 binary array graphics printers are designed for seamless, high quality printing in a wide range of applications. The printers utilize the new Windows XP-based Crescendo System Controller, a highly intuitive operator interface that provides enhanced image processing for improved handling of complex images, shorter setup, and simplified operation. Company says the improved image rendering provided by the system controller enables even complex images to be printed at the fastest line speeds.

Four Companies Contribute to Coating Line

The Synergy extrusion coating product line integrates technology from company plus Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Egan, and ER-WE-PA. Product lines include the 300, 450, and 750, reflecting the approximate line speed capabilities in meters/min. Line is said to provide processors with a total equipment package from a single-source supplier to accommodate everything from basic applications to those with high-speed, complex requirements.

Rewind Wallcoverings

Company offers the Model GWR-760 high-speed, fully automatic wallcovering rewinder with the Model OW-30-C shrink film roll overwrapper. Features heavy-duty rotary cut-off knife and rolling head systems and is able to produce up to 25 rolls/min continually with shrink film wrapping and automatic labeling.

Knifeholder Has Servo Motors

The SL50 knife holders feature electrically powered embedded servo motors. System requires no manual setup or intervention. Servo controls throughout allow adaptive slippage compensation (ASC) to monitor knife wear and adjust the side-load automatically to prevent slippage between upper and lower knife blades. Built-in encoder can pinpoint knife position to 1,000th/in. at 2 in./sec.

Ionizer Eliminates Static on All Substrates

The Eliminostat CABC Series ionizers are suited for uses in which fast decay rates are necessary at exended range distances from the charged material and in applications in which line speed is a factor. A stable, balanced corona discharge design with built-in power supply reportedly ensures static problem will see large quantities of positive and negative ions. Constant diagnostic features include pulsed discharge alarm output, over-current alarm output, and normal operating display.

Synthetic Paper Delivers Extra Tear Resistance

Hop-Syn XT white opaque synthetic paper is designed for offset printing indoor and outdoor POP displays. UV durable, extra-tear-resistent substrate is manufactured with additional whitening agents to improve opacity and sheet brightness to 94%. Called an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, product is 100% recyclable with PP.

Apply Adhesive in Braille

Braille adhesive application system features e.dot gun technology to give packagers a new, cost-effective way to communicate product information directly to visually impaired consumers. System features a three-module e.dot gun, a specially developed electronic Braille code pattern controller, and company's adhesive melter. Pattern controller is capable of interpreting multiple languages into Braille code dot patterns.

Slit with Safety

The Model DRS dual razor slitter for film and sheet extrusion applications reportedly requires low maintenance and is cost effective. Design ensures the dual blades are completely guarded whether they are retracted or extended, greatly reducing the chance of operator injury. Blades can be changed without interrupting the slitting process, and unit is designed to slit as narrow as 1.5 in.

Drives Are Enhanced

A higher-power, enhanced SMVector NEMA1 drive has a power range reaching 30 hp. Said to excel in traditional VFD applications as well as in environments where inverter technology was once considered too costly. Increased capacity includes an additional programmable digital input, terminals for RS-485 communications, and an enhanced keypad.

UV Power Supply Is Efficient

The EPS electronic power supply for UV discharge lamps is available from 2-7.2 kW when used as a single unit, and up to 12 kW when used in a cascade combination of two units. Said to be ideal for doped lamps with an arc length to 500 mm and mercury lamps to 680 mm. Offers high efficiency, a compact design, stepless power control between 30% and 100%; easy connection, and improved lamp re-ignition.

Filter Contaminants

The SW 12/170 RTF 12-screen, six-piston automatic backflushing screenchanger offers approximately 422 sq in. of melt filtration area. Said to be especially effective at filtering contaminants in processes requiring frequent backflushing and if an exceptionally consistent melt flow is desired.

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Reference on Linear Motion

Linear Motion Resource Kit CD features a comprehensive handbook, product animations, a complete collection of linear motion white papers, and company's catalogs on the subject. Handbook is an educational engineering reference featuring information from basic principles to practical applications. Includes design hints and advice on product selection, assembly, and installation as well as tips for cost-effective project engineering.

Cut Cores with Quick Changeover

Patented Instant Diameter Change (IDC) mandrel system can be retrofitted to most of company's core cutters to provide quick changeover between different core diameters. System adapts to different core sizes by using interchangeable sleeves and cartridges with a quick-release design that requires no tools. Can accommodate core IDs from less than 2 in. to more than 20 in. Said to improve core cutting productivity while maintaining cut quality with perfectly aligned components after every change.

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