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Enhance Water-Based Systems

Michem Guard 349 and Michem Guard 350 wax dispersions are said to be ideal for imparting a matting effect to most aqueous coatings and varnishes. Coatings give water-based inks the performance properties of solvent-based systems, company says, without the environmental hazards, and enhance other properties such as blocking and resistance to abrasions, water, scratches, and marring.

Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michem.com

Measurement Tools Offered

On-line measurement solutions for coat weight, coating thickness, and moisture include IR sensors to measure coat weight or moisture directly as well as differential total weight sensors to measure substrate, coating, and finished product weight. Differential systems employ advanced strategies such as Same-Spot measurement to maximize coat weight measurement accuracy.

NDC Infrared Engineering | 626-960-3300 | www.ndcinfrared.com

Measure and Control Blown Film Lines

Company offers technologies for on-line profile measurement and control of blown film lines. Technologies are available to fit the film and film line, including capacitance (contact and noncontact) and noncontact air cushion gap. Segmented air rings and segmented plates below the existing air ring perform fast gauge control, company says. Equipment is available new or for retrofit on older lines.

Plast-Control | 978-462-0306 | www.plastcontrol.com

Speed Pallet Loading

Double Plug packaging systems reportedly speed pallet loading and unloading of slit rolls and protect rolls effectively during transit or storage. Plugs interlock each roll in a stack, and divider boards interlock all stacks together. Packages are said to help reduce shipping weight and cost.

Badger Plug | 920-757-7300 | www.badgerplug.com

Gauge with Accuracy

The MX-1210 Micro gauge from Oakland Instruments provides measurement of caliper or thickness, allowing a thickness resolution to 0.01 in. with accuracy to 20 micro inches. Rugged gauge offers automatic cross web profiles and display shows statistics.

Jemmco | 414-267-3911 | www.jemmco.com

Gauging System Is Broad

The 21Plus! web gauging system offers a full portfolio of measurement solutions, including the Full Spectrum IR sensor and the new X-Ray Master and ShadowMaster sensors. Covers a broad range of materials and processes. Intelligent measurement system communicates efficiently by broadcasting final measurements across an Ethernet network to provide fast, secure, robust measurement.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | 978-663-2300 | www.thermo.com/webgauging

Wind Up to 50 Rolls

The 5th generation of company's Culisse winder is said to provide reliable winding with multi-lane slitting down to 80 mm. Up to 50 rolls can be wound and cut in-line from a film width of 4 m. Winder is available with maximum diameters of 1,000 and 1,500 mm and one or two winding directions. Precise slitting technology reportedly reduces scrap, provides long-term cost savings, and assures quality from first layer to last.

ER-WE-PA | + 49-211-2404-0 | www.bc-egan.com

Protect Sensitive Products

The Skid-Mate is an air-dampened cushioning device that provides durable shock- and chemical-resistant protection for sensitive products. Can be mounted easily on a crate or pallet base, creating an air-ride cushion said to eliminate the need for hardwood skid runners or air-ride trucks.

Hardigg Industries | 800-542-7344 | www.hardigg.com

Print, Compare Two Inks

The K printing proofer enables two or more inks to be printed simultaneously for comparison purposes; registration is included for overprinting. Any flexible substrate, including films, board, aluminum foil, PVC, etc., can be printed or laminated. Compact bench-top unit measures 400 × 500 mm and is said to be easy to use.

RK Print Coat Instruments | +44 (0) 1763 852187 | www.rkprint.com

White Ink Needs No Additives

UV opaque Bondtite F/S White ink is a silicone-free product that can be used right out of the container for either flexo or rotary screen printing; no additives are required. Company says this full-strength white has outstanding flex and is formulated to run on all makes and models of rotary screen heads.

Water Ink Technologies | 800-426-4657 | www.waterinktech.com

Winders Are Upgraded

Company reports an upgrade in its PAC 50 Series surface winders. New version features a compact hydraulic system that uses high-speed digital electronics for lay-on pressure control. This is said to reduce blocking at the core. New design also features a device to bring the core up to speed prior to transfer to allow for smoother starts on thin, high-speed webs.

Davis-Standard | 860-599-1010 | www.davis-standard.com

Linings Last Longer

Linings patented as Braketex and Clutchtex are 100% Kevlar fiber composites for parts used on equipment in the paper and packaging industry. Linings are said to last 3x-5x longer, decreasing maintenance costs and downtime. Asbestos-free linings are nonabrasive and reportedly won't score or scratch rotors, drums, or flywheels.

Tribco | 216-486-2000 | www.tribco.com

Keep Paper Pure

Roll splitters remove off-spec, defective, start-up, and other paper waste rolls from their cardboard cores without touching the core. Said to provide high-purity paper reduced to a manageable size for feeding shredders quickly, safely, and easily. Line includes four standard sizes to accommodate roll lengths to 72 in. and diameters to 40 in. Custom splitters in other sizes can be ordered.

Precision AirConvey | 302-999-8000 | www.airconvey.com

Proof Plates with New Features

New Perfect Proofer ink proofing head for photopolymer plates allows ink technicians to preflight inks with actual plate/anilox combinations comparable to what will be encountered on-press, reports company. Printhead has micrometer-calibrated nip controls, as on earlier version, but now the anilox nip affects contact with plate, not with rubber transfer roller, and it employs a second set of micrometer adjustments that calibrate plate-to-stock contact.

Integrity Engineering | 763-856-4040 | www.perfectproofer.com

Plate Technology Requires No Preheating

Saphira Thermoplate PN plate technology features a positive-working offset aluminum plate designed for the Suprasetter line of CTP devices. Available in 6-, 8-, and 12-ga thicknesses, the product does not require preheating, is UV ink compatible, and is said to be highly resistant to pressroom chemistries. Capable of more than 500,000 runs without baking and more than 1 million impressions when baked.

Heidelberg | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com

Sheet Lenticular Plastic

The SDFK sheeter allows manufacturers of lenticular plastic to sheet the product at higher speeds with square, accurate dimensions. Sheeter can handle cut lengths from 11-2,000 in. at speeds to 300 fpm. Continuous operating system allows sheeted material to be accumulated until completed pile is removed. Sheeting line can be equipped with an automated slitting rig module that stands alone and separate from other sheeter components, allowing accessibility during web-up.

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com

ERP System Is Upgraded

Company reports improved capabilities for its PECAS Vision ERP/MIS system. Upgraded product areas include sales order processing; hub order processing; multi-plant capabilities; work-in-progress tracking; production scheduling; outsource management; purchasing; inventory; and more.

Radius Solutions | 312-648-0800 | www.radiussolutions.com

Recycled Paper Is Premium

Aspen premium recycled paper is said to meet the same high standards as nonrecycled paper, offering excellent runnability, printability, and brightness. Company says the manufacturing process requires less water, less energy, fewer chemicals, and fewer trees. Line includes a wide range of sizes, weights, and levels of post-consumer content. Brand will expand to include printing and converting grades that contain post-consumer content.

Boise Paper | 630-227-3422 | www.bc.com

High Quality with Inkjet Printer

The Acuity HD 2504 UV flatbed inkjet printer is designed for applications requiring fine detail and high-resolution images. Said to achieve nearly photographic printing quality. Prints at resolutions of 1,200 dpi or higher to produce crisp, more legible type as small as 6 pt, company says.

Fujifilm Graphic Systems | 866-617-8473 | www.enovationgraphics.com

Measure Output in UV Lamp

The SEEcure on-line monitoring system measures output within the UV lamphead. Fully integrated measuring device runs with the latest generation of company's e-Brick controls and allows continuous monitoring of all lamps in a system simultaneously. Electronic sensor built into the UV lamphead receives a combined output of UV light from the reflector and directly from the lamp, reportedly ensuring the UV incident on the web is monitored.

GEW | +44 (0) 1737 824 500 | www.gewuv.com

Get Precision Control

Closed loop tension controller provides precision control over unwinding and rewinding in web and strand processing applications. Features dual 4-20 mA output and Ethernet TCP/IP interface, as well as optional network interfaces. Waversaver ignores machine vibration to provide an accurate tension reading and optimized throughput; C2 electronic calibration calibrates in seconds without test weights and eliminates downtime, company says; and Secure Memory Module backs up configuration data automatically for added security.

Hardy Instruments | 800-821-5831 | www.hardyinstruments.com

Unwind Upgrade Offered

Dual-pedestal unwind upgrade is said to provide an inexpensive alternative to complete machine replacement. Upgrade is offered in single-, dual-, and multi-station configurations. Building block approach emphasizes modular design, so new unwind may be ordered in very simple to complex configurations. The unwind/rewind is a bolt-in-place system engineered for rapid installation.

Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.handleyourweb.com

Treat in High Def

The “H” system of High Definition corona, produced by the combination of high-powered electrodes and a high-performance roll covering, is said to provide top results for a number of critical applications by creating higher dyne levels, superior adhesion, and a larger operating window. System reportedly delivers premium results on both conductive and nonconductive materials, minimizes the chance of roll covering burnout, and provides insurance against pinholing, backside treatment, and film wrinkling.

Enercon Industries | 262-255-6070 | www.enerconind.com

No Gear Changes Needed

Uhing rolling ring linear drives now feature a mechanical pitch adjustment level, enabling a variable pitch drive system without requiring gear changes or adjustment of other controls. This feature minimizes electronic control requirements. Machine design, setup, and operation reportedly are simplified.

Amacoil | 610-485-8300 | www.amacoil.com

Handle Rolls with Precision

The AMC Series of rotating paper roll clamps has load capacities from 3,500-13,200 lbs. Allows users to handle rolls ranging from 9-88 in. dia with the handling advantages and flexibility of 360 deg of continuous rotation. Company says a direct worm/ring gear drive and clutchbrake system offer precise positioning and fast handling, and direct drive without transmission with only two components results in smooth and precise rotation, excellent operator visibility, and higher residual capacities.

Bolzoni Auramo | 800-358-5438 | www.bolzoni-auramo.com

Controller Offers High Performance

The eZMP SynqNet high-performance, stand-alone controller integrates precision motion with a flexible, expandable, and upgradable industrial computer capable of autonomous machine control and user interface operation. Supports up to 64 axes of motion and up to 17,000 points of I/O control and features Ethernet, USB, video, and PCI connectivity.

Danaher Motion | 866-993-2624 | www.danahermotion.com

WVTR Analyzer Offered

The Permatran-W Model 1/50 WVTR analyzer is described as a low-cost, single-cell, stand-alone instrument designed to test medium-to-low-barrier film as well as coated paperboard. Analyzer is said to be fault-tolerant, making it easy to operate with minimal training. Model, engineered to generate RH quickly and automatically, has a small footprint and rugged construction.

Mocon | 763-493-6370 | www.mocon.com

Load Cell's Abilities Expand

The modified T-Series live shaft load cell has expanded capabilities, including a wide range of load ratings. Has rugged and dependable construction, is available in different sizes, and can be mounted with a standard mount, a flange mount, or a split pillow block mount. Unique joint design uses an integral, high-performance, spherical bearing assembly that allows for misalignment, roller deflection, and changes in roller length due to temperature variations.

The Montalvo Corp. | 800-226-8710 | www.montalvo.com

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