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February Products

MicroPunch Dust-Free Holes

MicroPunching systems reportedly provide dust-free punching of holes as small as 0.020 in. Easy-to-operate modules have a long service life and feature hardened matched metal rotary tool technology for high precision. Production speeds are to 250 fpm. Available die/anvil materials range from D2 to tungsten carbide.
Schober USA | 513-489-7393 | www.schoberusa.com

Foiling Counterfeiters

KOLDfoil SX security cold foils are offered in three standard security patterns and custom design holograms. Said to be cost-effective anti-counterfeiting tools that can be identified easily by the end-user without the need for expensive tracking equipment. Optional security features include multi-channel effects, microtext and nanotext, true color, hidden images, and high-resolution digital background. Available for “cure-tru” or conventional cold foil printing.
Amagic Foils | 215-872-3982 | www.amagicholo.com

Chuck Is Air-Operated

Safety chuck features pneumatic open/close operation. Available in flange and foot mount styles, core shaft support and torque transmission system can be operated with an air gun or fully automated by adding simple valving, which allows operator to open or close the chuck sockets from a remote location. “V” socket design allows square shaft journals to orient quickly into proper seating in the chuck socket.
Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 |

Galvanic Machine Offered

The Galvostar P RS plating tank series covers all galvanic processes. Machine is compact and has all components conveniently located to the side for easy access. Prevents electrolyte contamination from carbon dust and eliminates the need for frequent carbon brush changes.
Max Daetwyler Corp. | 704-875-1200 | www.daetwyler-usa.com

Cleaner Is Water-Based

The Oil Eater high-powered cleaner/degreaser is said to clean grease, oil, and more off machinery, tools, etc. Nonflammable cleaner is formulated to eliminate the need for solvent- or acid-based cleaners. Penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily, leaves no residues, and can be used in parts washers and pressure washing systems. Water-based cleaner is biodegradable, contains no acids, abrasives, or petroleum solvents, and is said to be safe on skin.
Kafko Intl. | 800-528-0334 | www.oileater.com

Load Cells Are Simplified

The U-Series load cell is designed to replace the company's UPB Series load cells but with a lower profile. Mechanics have been simplified and product has been made easily accessible for repair or replacement. Made of stainless steel construction, load cell is water-resistant and uses tension and compression strain gauges connected in a half-bridge configuration.
Montalvo Corp. | 800-226-8710 | www.montalvo.com

No Ragged Hole Cutouts

The Zero Clearance punch and die is designed for high quality, fine print pouches and bags where ragged hole cutouts are not acceptable. Company says cutting system comprises an integrated punch and die capable of producing totally clean edges around the hole cutout and requiring no expensive replacement blades. System is available for any of the standard hanger hole, handle hole, or tear notch shapes.
Park Air Converting Solutions | 800-799-8319 | www.parkair.com

Spray Applicator Is Modular

The redesigned IQ-140 rotor spray applicator includes a smoothing roll, and all components are modular for easy cleaning and maintenance. Coater can be implemented in blown or cast film lines. Applies chemicals with uniformity, company says, and can change add-on rates on the fly.
Consultex Systems | 864-579-2900 | www.consultexsystems.com

Measure Pulsed-Type UV Energy

The UV Power Puck Flash is designed specifically for use with pulsed-type UV curing systems. Self-contained, electro-optic radiometer with fast advanced electronics is capable of accommodating the rapid rise and fall times of the pulse, integrating the total UV energy, and displaying that data for each of the process-relevant UV bands.
EIT | 703-707-9067 | www.eitinc.com

Cut Waste with Die-Cutter

The Smart Laminator-Die-Cut system allows converters handling applications involving expensive core stocks or high-priced laminate films to cut material waste costs. Machine intelligence via smart sensors tightly synchronizes roll lamination and die-cutting operations so typical causes of stock and laminate production waste are eliminated, company reports.
Spartanics | 847-394-5700 | www.spartanics.com

Reduce Product Slippage

SofTak 326 non-skid coating for paper will perform at an angle of skid to 45 deg. Recommended for use on slip/tier sheets, where it will reduce or eliminate product slippage and shifting of palletized loads during transportation. Product is water-based, non-blocking, and able to be repulped in both acid and alkaline systems. Also is gluable with hot melt or cold set adhesives, is print receptive, and is easy to apply using conventional coating equipment, company adds.
Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michem.com

Analyze Printing from Start to Finish

The Taskero Universe suite of performance analysis tools is designed to give printers ultimate quality control throughout the printing process. Provides quality control and color management and delivers real-time information on the status of prepress devices and their performance. Reportedly helps printers minimize remakes and downtime. Monitors both hardware and the environment and gives users early notification of possible plating problems.
Fujifilm Graphic Systems | 866-617-8473 | www.fujifilmgs.com

Die-Cut with High Throughput

The Mastercut 1.7-2.1 is suited for in-line manufacturing or stand-alone configuration. In-line, it offers printing and die-cutting in a single pass. Said to achieve high throughputs from microflute to double-double corrugated board with new formats designed to optimize the blank arrangement. Power register feeder ensures perfect positioning for printing and cutting, company says.
Bobst Group USA | 973-226-8000 | www.bobstgroup.com

Cut Nitrogen Consumption

Designed for company's EZCure EB product line, the Nitro-Mizer nitrogen inerting system is said to provide an exceptional inerting environment while reducing nitrogen consumption to 30%. According to company, reducing nitrogen consumption helps reduce operating costs of EB technology and assists customers in reducing their carbon footprint.
Energy Sciences | 978-694-9000 | www.ebeam.com

Mounting Tapes Help ID Cylinders

FlexStik CB vinyl mounting tapes are for adhesion to the various cylinder types commonly used in flexo printing. Tapes feature a unique thickness color differentiation said to allow for easy cylinder ID. Flexible drape and construction enable easy-to-cut, simple-to-apply mounting, company adds. Tapes may be used repeatedly on cylinders.
Adheso Graphics | 518-869-6929 | www.adheso-graphics.com

Blanket Promotes Safety

The dayCorr ClamLoc die-cutting blanket offers a Serpentine joint for easy-on and easy-off convenience. Joint locks down firmly and stays securely in place. Company says easy rotation saves time and reduces costs, and user-friendly installation promotes worker safety.
Day Intl. | 800-356-8492 | www.day-intl.com

Film Packaging Is Tough

Ultraclean film packaging is offered in a variety of materials for different needs. Kenylon brand of nylon products is said to be strong and abrasion-resistant, offering an ideal choice for clean packaging applications, especially for products with sharp or protruding parts. Films create a barrier to gases, aromas, grease, and oil, making them suitable for aerospace, semiconductor, and chemical product packaging.
KNF Clean Room Products Corp. | 800-777-2532 | www.knfcorporation.com

Software Is Upgraded

Accelerate 4.0 is the latest version of company's business software for the consumer packaging industry. Runs on a new database platform called OpenEdge 10.1, which extends the functionality of the database and development environment and incorporates many new tools. Includes a new Purchase Invoice Register module, and DataPoint, a tool for viewing and accessing data within the system.
VantagePoint Systems | 604-685-4209 | www.vpgroup.com

Monitor Temps, Cut Energy Costs

The XR IR thermometer is designed to optimize continuous temperature monitoring in a broad range of manufacturing processes. This rugged, NEMA 4 sealed single-piece system features include multiple extended temperature ranges, precision temperature resolution, RS-485 outputs, and a versatile electronics platform. Reportedly reduces energy costs by allowing tighter process control and more efficient process heating.
Raytek Corp. | 800-227-8074 | www.raytek.com

Cover Line Is Redesigned

Redesigned Tango coated cover line, designated Tango Advantage, is said to offer clean-white styling; ease of getting to color; accurate color reproduction on press; and fade resistance over an extended shelf life. Available in a number of calipers.
Meadwestvaco | 414-227-3586 | www.meadwestvaco.com

Inspect with Digital Controls

Lith-O-Light strobe lights now are offered with fully digital controls, reportedly allowing more function in a smaller product at less cost. Lights enable press operators and inspectors to spot defects at full production speeds by using the stroboscopic effect to essentially freeze images of fast-moving lines.
Unilux | 800-522-0801 | www.unilux.com

Die-Cut Difficult Stocks

Model SOL semi-automatic platen die-cutter from Ki Seung Machinery allows production of 1,500 sheets/hr. Capable of cutting various materials, offers direct correction on the cutting form, and handles most difficult stocks, company says. Chaseless design is said to ensure setup in 5 min, and positive register ensures easy mounting of cutting die as well as precise registration.
Hitek | 262-842-1700 | www.askhitek.com

No Dies for Small Lots

Die-less tables are said to deliver high productivity working digitally directly from CAD files to crease, cut, plot, or mill materials. Well suited for small-lot production, tables leave high-capacity equipment undisturbed.
Esko Kongsberg | 937-454-1721 | www.esko.com

Get Enhanced Sealing

Two new lines of Pentafood multilayer films are available. The sealing films are available in PVC/PE and PET/PE and are said to offer enhanced sealing characteristics with excellent processability. For more demanding applications, films are available in PVC/EVOH/PE and PET/EVOH/PE and provide high moisture, gas, and aroma barriers while offering enhanced sealing characteristics to protect product freshness and extend shelf life.
Klöckner Pentaplast of America | 540-832-3600 | www.kpfilms.com

Move Rolls of Many Sizes

Variable roll pallet accommodates roll goods of various sizes. Creates a cradle appropriate for the roll diameter by simply moving a pair of chocks. Pallet is available in a wide range of sizes and is rated for loads as high as 3,500 lb.
Jeco Plastic Products | 317-839-4943 | www.jecoplastics.com

PSA Removes Cleanly

NovaCryl DR-200 is a water-based, acrylic, removable PSA that can be used in adhesives and coatings intended for indirect food additive applications. Said to offer low adhesion build, especially on glass, and clean removal from most surfaces.
Omnova Solutions | 803-385-5182 | www.omnova.com

Die-Cutter Runs Many Materials

Flatbed die-cutter can produce up to 30,000 pcs/hr. Offers quick die board change and setup and runs micro-flute through double wall and chip through solid fiber. Features adjustable sheet-to-cut register, no makeready is required, and tooling cost is said to be low.
Baysek Machines | 715-824-5300 | www.baysekmachines.com

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