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February What's New

Laminate In-Line on Offset Press

The Alprinta-V continuously size-variable web offset press now features an in-line laminating station and new matrix waste removal station for self-adhesive labels. Called ideal for a wide range of applications, the laminating station features an unwind unit for rolls with diameters to 31½ in.; machine speeds to 1,200 fpm; and film widths to 29⅛ in. with Alprinta 74 and 20½ in. with Alprinta 52. Offers adjustable web tension for optimum flatness of finished products.
Muller Martini | 888-2muller | www.mullermartiniusa.com

UV Coater Has Many Features

The Rotoworx semi-rotary/rotary UV coater/converter offers anilox roller coater with enclosed doctor blade; web widths of 13 or 20 in.; quick-change magnetic die cylinder; two-knife system for underscore (additional knives optional); and three-knife slitting system. System includes a die-cutting module, web guide and splicing table, and more.
PAT Technology Systems | 888-655-8455 | www.pattechnology.com

Laminate with Many Different Processes

The CL 850 duplex laminator has a coating unit with a multi-trolley system design that enables the use of different process technologies to perform multiple applications, including solvent- and water-based dry lamination, solventless lamination, in-register cold seal coating on preprinted substrates, and in-register printing of one additional color. Dryer features combined technology nozzles, impingement and flotation type. Sensitive web handling control reportedly produces superior quality duplex structures with the widest range of flexible material combinations.
Rotomec | +39 (0) 142 4071 | www.bobstgroup.com

Coating Line Gives You Control

Single-station coating line features three-roll reverse roll or direct gravure and three-zone ovens with controlled air impingement top and bottom. Each zone has separate controls for heat, humidity, and air flow. All exhaust is ducted to 99.5% destructive thermal oxidizer. Centralized touchscreen operating console offers complete machine controls, including tension, ratios, speed, temperatures, and humidity.
Nukote | 800-448-1422 | www.nukote.com

Laminate Filter Media

Laminating system with adjustable gap metering will laminate up to six layers of melt-blown nonwoven, edge trim, and rewind laminated filter material to a maximum 700-mm-dia roll. Features a six-station unwind section, with individual unwind tension controlled through an ultrasonic diameter measurement feedback system.
Independent Machine Co. | 973-882-0060 | www.independentusa.com

Consumables Support Coating, Curing System

Company has added a UV consumables line of products to support its UV and aqueous coating and curing system. Range of consumable products includes coatings, coating blankets, coating plates, packing material, and replacement parts.
Kompac Technologies | 908-534-8411 | www.kompactech.com

Coat with Many Methods

Line of coaters offers many types of coating methods, including rod, gravure, three-roll, reverse gravure, saturation, hot melt, split film, knife, and slot die. Can be designed to provide multiple coating methods on one machine.
Pyradia | 450-463-3344 | www.webconverting.net

Coating Resists Heat

A water-based coating designated 1010 exhibits the highest degree of heat resistance when exposed to elevated temperatures and sealing pressures, company says. Heat resistance is accomplished without use of zinc compounds, other metal modifiers, or catalysts. Gloss overcoat also is said to be a superior film former, with resistance to grease and oil, and is suited for flexible packaging, folding box, and general converting applications.
Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com

UV Coating and Varnish Add Effects

The UV Gloss/Dull System uses full-solid UV coating and effect varnish to enable printers to offer what are said to be dramatically enhanced product offerings without incurring much extra cost. System works with both anilox and roller coater equipment. Process produces a spot dull contrast without having to prepare special coating plates. Sheets are completely dry when they come off the press.
Environmental Specialties Inc. (ESI) | 800-747-5060 | www.environmentalspecialties.com

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