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Products: Edited by Deborah Donberg

Brakes Offered in Smaller Version
Danarota Technic, Bjert, Denmark; +45 75 57 27 11; montalvo.com
The Montalvo C-Series brake is a compact version of co.'s standard air-cooled design with a finned friction disc design said to provide excellent heat dissipation capability. This means smaller brakes can handle large jobs easily, says mfr. Co. adds fast and efficient cooling results in brakes/clutches having long life and providing user with high productivity and minimal downtime.

Viscometer Manages Ink In-Line
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc., Middleboro, MA; 508/946/6200; brookfieldengineering.com
The AST-100 in-line process viscometer offers advanced sensor technology for the printing and graphics market. Said to have simple, reliable, rugged construction with no moving parts and clean-in-place design. Features hands-free operation and reportedly saves money through improved control.

Test Filter Material Quickly without Lab
Porous Materials Inc., Ithica, NY; 607/257-5544; pmiapp.com
The PMI on-line, multi-chamber porometer is said to perform fast tests on a filter material without the need to cut out a sample. Filtration medium simply slides through the sample chamber. Reportedly ensures consistent quality within specs and enables changes to be made without having to wait for lab reports. Can determine bubble point, mean flow pore size, pore distribution, and gas permeability.

Turret Winder Cuts Difficult Materials
New Era Converting Machinery, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com
Automatic turret winder provides a no-foldover cut and transfer. Unique knife design is said to make it ideal for difficult-to-cut materials. Equipment is available for web widths to 100 in. and is suitable for clean room operation. Automatic full roll unloading and new core insertion also are available.

Slitter/Rewinder Is Upgraded
Elite Cameron Inc., Piscataway, NJ; 732/627-0400; elitecameron.com
The TD4300 two-drum slitter/rewinder replaces existing TD430. Many popular design parameters from earlier version remain. Improvements include heavier-duty construction; larger winding drums (from 236 to 345 mm); and option of one- or two-motor drive. A variety of computer-based control options can be specified.

High-Torque Chucks Have Advanced FeaturesConvertech Inc., Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850; convertechinc.com
Pneumatic high-torque chuck incorporates advanced technological capabilities, including hardened jaws that expand concentrically; spring return cams; and centering cones for easy insertion. Chucks are manufactured to fit spindle in any diameter, size, and configuration needed.

Test Hardness with Hand-Held Unit
Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc., Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454; gardco.com.
Hand-held rebound hardness tester is said to meet ASTM standard A956-00 (Leeb Hardness testing of steel products). Operation is based on LEEB rebound principle. Reportedly offers easy-to-key operation; hardness measurement independent of test direction; and direct digital readout of hardness value on large LCD display.

Sensor Indicates Force and Pressure
Sensor Products Inc., East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755; sensorprod.com
Xsensor electronic tactile force and pressure-indicating sensor allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is disbursed between any two contacting or mating surfaces in real time. Any application or test in which pressure lies between 0.1 psi and 9.000 psi (0.007 kg/cm2 and 632.7 kg/cm2) is a viable candidate for this technology. In a web-based production environment, it can reveal inaccurate roll alignment and roll skewing, for example.

Dancer Controller Features Make It Flexible
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc., Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
The SmartWeb digital dancer arm controller manages tension on converting and winding machinery or web presses where the process is intermittent and web slack take-up is needed. Said to be easy to configure for a range of applications. Will calculate instantaneous torque requirements based on fixed and variable rotating inertia. Works with pneumatic, magnetic particle, or electromagnetic brakes, or with electric motor controls.

Tag Inserter Offers In-Line, Accurate Counting
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Pneumatically actuated tag inserter is said to provide a dependable actuation of the tag feed and tag cutoff. Compressed air passes through an adjustable flow control valve and actuating an air cylinder, feeds out 6 in. (150 mm) of tagstock. When solenoid is de-energized (after a dwell time that allows a few sheets to gather on top of the tag), cylinder that fed the stock out retracts, cutting the tag off. Inserters can be mounted easily on rotary sheeter, printing presses, etc.

Scanners Offer Sharp Results
Creo Inc., Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
The iQsmart line of color scanners incorporates co.'s XY Stitch technology and reportedly produces high-volume throughput, consistent sharpness, and color fidelity, at an affordable price. Compact size allows for inverted CCD, positioned to minimize dust and improve image quality. Will scan any original.

Butt Splicer Handles Wide Nonwovens
Independent Machine Co., Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-0060; independentusa.com
Modular system is designed for splicing 72-in.-wide nonwoven materials in-line with an existing laminating process. Features programmable temperature and time control. Both running and waiting web material is fed vertically into the slot in the top of the splice assembly, which places both webs in the proper position for a butt splice without overlap. The double-supported horizontal sealing platen is actuated pneumatically with 3-in. stroke and utilizes a resistance-charged heating wire with adjustable dwell time and platen pressure to make an approximate 0.040 in.-wide heat seal.

Hot Air Blowers Suited for Many Applications
Malcom Hot Air Systems, Portsmouth, RI; 888/807-4030; malcom.com
Leister Hotwind-S hot air blowers are designed for continuous operation and can interface with PLCs for a wide range of heating and drying applications. Blowers are self-contained units that include a heater and blower and can be coupled with different style nozzles for deflecting hot air exactly where it is needed, says co.

Flow Indicator Offers a Full View
L.J. Star Inc., Twinsburg, OH; 330/405-3040; ljstar.com
Sterile-service visual flow indicators provide operators with a 360-deg view of virtually any process fluid. Readily installed as a retrofit component, units come standard in 11 sizes with a choice of clamp connection, butt weld, or sterile quick-connect electro-polished stainless steel heads. Co. says O-ring design provides a smooth internal transition between flow indicator's stainless steel heads and glass viewing column, eliminating any chance of product entrapment and ensuring the unit adds virtually no additional backpressure to system flow.

Turn Bad Rolls into Good Material
Dusenbery Europe Ltd., Bedford, England; +44 (0) 1234) 349561; dusenbery.com
Model 416 mini-winder enables TTR converters to turn unsalable material into profitable product, co. reports, by allowing faulty rolls to be rewound into good rolls. Unit, excluding optional splice table, has a footprint of only 39.37 × 33.46 in. (1,000 × 850 mm). Optimum rewind quality is said to be assured by automatic tension control, diamond-cut rubber rollers that eliminate trapped air, and lay-on rolls. Features two holders for razor blades if materials must be slit or trimmed.

Core Plugs Offer Protection
Niagara Plastics Co., Erie, PA; 800/458-0465; niagaraplastics.com
Co. has acquired PolyGuard, introducing a complete line of core plugs for protecting paper, film, and foils used in converting operations. Constructed of recycled HDPE and PPCP resins, core plug line includes many styles and sizes.

Cut Cores Accurately and Cleanly
Double E Co. Inc., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099; doubleeusa.com
Core cutter is offered in semi-automatic and manual models. Both models cut cardboard cores, reportedly without creating sawdust. Machines accept cores with diameters ranging from 1.5-8 in. and wall thicknesses to ¾ in. Co. says a simple, quick modification allows machine to switch between various core IDs. Both model types are designed for operator safety.

Control Viscosity, pH on Multiple Presses
b>Automatän Inc., Plover, WI; 715/341-6501; automatan.com.
Inkontrol® system offers automatic control of viscosity and pH on any flexo press and can be set up to control more than one press. PC control is said to allow easy Windows-based operation. Data collection option samples actual viscosity, pH, and temperature readings taken by the measuring unit 1x/min and compiles into a graph, comparing samples to setpoints.

Slitter/Rewinder Upgraded to Run 20 Webs
Ashe Converting Equipment, Ipswich, U.K.; +44 1 473 710 912; ashe.co.uk
The Sapphire DB slitter has been upgraded to run individual center surface rollers for 20 webs. Tension is controlled by motor-driven lay-shaft. Minimum slit width for individual rollers is 50 mm; tension for each roller ranges from 100-750 ga. Model can run with conventional lay-on or individual lay-ons, or with surface drive. Features individual surface drive rollers said to be suited ideally for high-gauge variation and tension-sensitive products.

Splicer Trims Old and New Webs Simultaneously
KTI — Keene Technology, South Beloit, IL; 815/624-8989; keentech.com
JG Series automatic butt splicer is supplied with a turret that will support roll diameters to 40 in., web widths of 10 or 13 in., and speeds to 500 fpm. Features are said to include extremely small footprint, one-piece cantilever design, and zero-speed technology. Zero-Gap butt splice unit design reportedly allows for easy splice preparation that is not dependent on special techniques or operator finesse. During splice cycle, primary tape is applied automatically to top side of web and second side tape application (if used) applies tape to back side. The knife fires on the old and new webs simultaneously, trimming both in one motion.

Flow Cups Last for Years
Weller Patents Development, London, U.K.; +44 (0) 20 8788 6684
Co. has expanded its range of viscosity measurement cups with the addition of high-specification flow cups. All cups are made from high-grade stainless steel, so they reportedly are easier to clean and retain accuracy through many years of use. Three new series of flow cups have been added.

Flying Splice Unwind Designed for Foil
Kroenert Corp., Cedar Rapids, IA; 319/366-6200; kroenert.com
Shaftless flying-splice unwind FSU 10-AG KS is designed for aluminum foil. No-vibration design is said to result in a wrinkle-free unwinding process at low web tensions, e.g., 50 N/m (160 N/ft). Co. says results are assured by using a special web path and CFK guide rollers coupled with state-of-the-art drive package. Special patent-pending adhesive roller device and advanced design criteria guarantee extremely high splice reliability, according to mfr.

Unwind Splicer Made for Extensible Materials
Geometric Intl., Edison, NJ; 732/287-2303; geocoat.com
Dual direction unwind splicer is designed to handle extremely extensible materials and standard substrates. Bump roll runs at line speed. One adjacent roller is web driven, which drives the bump roll so it's up to speed for splicing to eliminate scuffing. Control system is provided with PLC, AC flux vector drives, and color touch screen operator interface.

Lap Splice Is CompactCTC Intl., West Caldwell, NJ; 973/228-2300; ctcint.com
The Model CS1224R Splicemaster automatic lap splicer is designed to be compact, user friendly, and extremely rugged. An automatic registration system for preprinted webs is standard. Works with a range of general web converting applications. Features a splicing mechanism that clamshells open for horizontal splice preparation. Unwind rolls are located close to the floor for fastest roll loading and minimized material handling.

Eliminate Manual Web Indexing
Webex, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com
Excell splicer is designed to mount over dual-position unwind or roll stand to provide reliable zero-speed, lapped slicing. Simplified setup is said to eliminate special web maneuvering and manual indexing to align leading edge of new web prior to splicing. Co. says prep is 3-min procedure performed from floor without catwalks or set-ups, even with 80-in. dia rolls. Splicing carriage moves to either end and automatically lowers to convenient prep height.

Butt Splicer Is Portable
Chase Machine & Engineering, West Warwick, RI; 401/821-8879; chasemachine.com
Opti-Splice 1000 and 2000 Series ultrasonically butt splices and irons thermoplastic films and nonwovens to form a continuous run at any width. Eliminates the use of consumables including tapes and glues, making the joint fully usable in most applications. Portable equipment can be used on multiple lines for end-to-end web splicing. Series features in-line and off-line design.

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