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New Converting Products, Part 3

Measure True Viscosity

The VROC Flow-Thru viscometer and rheometer on a chip offers multiple sensors and micro fluidic interfaces to measure “true” viscosity, pressure, flow rate, and temperature. Compact units produce accurate liquid characterization with accuracy and speed, company says.
RheoSense | 925-866-3801 | www.rheosense.com

Shifting Colors Available

ChromaFlair ColorShift Glitter is a color-shifting flake that gives coatings, plastics, packaging, and more the ability to exhibit a wide range of hues when viewed from different angles. Uses a patented thin-film technology to control the thickness of the multiple layers that compose the pigment's flake structure to within a few atoms. Flake is said to be very durable and can be sanded.
JDSU | 707-525-7007 | www.jdsu.com

Monitor Many Variables

RTR-5 portable wireless data logger can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, voltage, on/off cycles, and more. Features real-time monitoring with audible alarms and the ability to download logged data from the loggers and view the results with graphical displays.
TandD Corp. | 518-669-9227 | www.tandd.com

Clean CI Drum

Central impression cleaner (CIC) is designed to work automatically on the drum of a flexo press. Unit is said to increase run times and operator safety by eliminating the need for manual cleaning.
Comexi North America | 413-789-3800 | www.comexi.com

Seal Uncoated Tyvek

Allegro T sealant reportedly offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to seal to uncoated Tyvek and still retain the features of a coated product. Suited for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers wanting to achieve fiber-free peels, consistent seal strength, and lower costs for chevron pouches. Based on proprietary PE-based sealant chemistry.
Rollprint Packaging Products |508-520-9784 | www.rollprint.com

CPP Films Handle Retort

Company reports benefits of two new CPP films: ZK100 film for retort pouch constructions offers exceptional clarity, low haze, non-whitening, and stress-crack resistance; CF9501 sealant film for retort lidding creates a secure, easy-to-peel lamination that can be used on PP containers. Films are said to demonstrate proven superior performance under aggressive retort sterili-zation conditions.
Toray Plastics America | 401-294-4511 | www.torayfilms.com

Plasma Treating Suited for Medical Uses

Plasma3 atmospheric plasma surface treater is said to improve printing on a wide variety of materials used in the medical industry, including Tyvek. Technology will raise surface energy to improve ink adhesion while leaving physical, mechanical, and barrier surface properties intact. Company says process eliminates risk of pinholing that can occur with traditional treatment methods.
Enercon Industries Corp. | 262-250-3120 | www.enerconind.com

Make Changes Quickly

Easy Change system for company's Varex blown film extrusion equipment automatically configures job change parameters faster and more efficiently than with a traditional manual changeover system, company reports. System is capable of adjusting parameters including film width and thickness, layer distribution, output, and cage height.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher | 800-854-8702 | www.whcorp.com

Get Temperature Stability

Hot melt hoses feature high quality thermal insulation and precision temperature sensors for reliable and accurate material temperature stability, company reports. External covering consists of rugged multilayer materials, braided and corrugated for maximum flexibility and protection. Accessories are available.
Shure-Glue/Melton, a Valco Cincinnati co. | 513-874-5581 | www.shure-glue.com

Interface Offers Remote Access

The MDI-1 is a compact, digital operator interface to the CB64 that connects via a CAT5e cable and offers remote access to the CB64's functionality. Said to be easy to install with versatile mounting system. Features a four-line character display and LED indicators.
The Montalvo Corp. | 800-226-8710 | www.montalvo.com

Control Water Temperatures

The Hydrotherm II circulating water temperature control system has stainless steel construction and is compact and portable. Pumping capacity is 25 gpm with 9 kW of heating capacity. Maximum operating temperature of 250 deg F keeps machinery working at peak performance, company says.
Mokon | 716-876-9951 | www.mokon.com

Ink Additive Has Low pH

Carry-Up 100 aqueous ink additive is designed to transfer inks and coatings from etched cylinders. Product is said to be effective as a direct stir-in additive and features a lower pH to make it suitable for most liquids.
ADM Tronics | 201-767-6040 | www.admtronics.com

Make Packaging Stand Out

Touch of Silk films and packaging for personal care products are said to have a soft feel and appearance while making items stand out on the shelf. Company says conversion and printing require no equipment modifications and printing on embossed film is possible.
Pliant Corp. | 847-969-3335 | www.pliantcorp.com

Process Produces Clear Film

The AquaFrost downward blown water-quenched process is said to produce very clear film at output rates that compete with cast film lines. Reportedly, processors realize scrap savings over conventional films because they can run process without trim. Applications include barrier food and medical packaging plus deep-draw thermoformed packages.
Brampton Engineering | 905-793-3000 | www.be-ca.com

Clean Webs at Many Points

The Mini Web Cleaner MWC is designed to offer both single- and double-sided cleaning for roll-to-roll applications. Recommended for printing, laminating, coating, slitting, and before inspection. Presheeted adhesive rolls are safe, and maintenance time reportedly is reduced with easy access to the rollers.
Teknek |+44 (0) 141 568 8100 | www.teknek.com

Tension Roll Is Segmented

The SR segmented tension roll transducer is a concept extension of company's Tension Roll Transducer. It allows converters to measure tension on multiple individual web strands in a slitting and rewinding environment, or at multiple points across the width of a single web when converting or rewinding film.
Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 | www.dfe.com

Sensor Has Wide Operating Range

The Model 318 X-Ray Backscatter (XRB) sensor offers performance said to rival that of nuclear-based beta and gamma gauges without the issues associated with isotopic gauges such as source wipes and/or disposal. Sensor features a wide operating weight/thickness range and excellent measurement stability, company says, and single-sided operation lowers scanner costs and makes installation simpler.
NDC Engineering | 626-960-3300 | www.ndcinfrared.com

Adhesive Pattern Control is Modular

The LogiComm integrated adhesive pattern control and verification system provides modularity to meet the needs of folding carton manufacturers. Said to deliver quick pattern development and changeovers as well as on-line adhesive detection, product inspection, and production reporting for line speeds to 3,937 fpm.
Nordson Corp. | 800-683-2314 | www.nordson.com

Programming Is Simple

SDL screen direct logic offers simple programming for servo motion control directly through the HMI/PLC touchscreen. No computer is needed for programming, and there is no software or communications protocol to learn. Product offers plug-and-play setup directly from the box.
AMK Drives & Controls | 804-222-0323 | www.amkdrives.com

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