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Judges Choice Award-Graphics


Allpak Container and sister company Trojan Lithograph Corp., Renton, WA, created a world-class container for World Class Apples, earning the Judges Choice Award for graphics. Entered in the category of Direct Print on Combined Board, Allpak reports its customer, CMYK Media, supplied the artwork, which consisted of digital files set up as process color builds (all images and text).

The wood background images were converted from CMYK to two spot colors to minimize fluting and color-shift issues, especially in the highlighted areas. This also allowed the fruit images to be independent when making press adjustments.

One of the two spot colors utilized was darkened to achieve the customer's approval for text outlines and to provide a deeper tone to the shadow areas of the wood images. Process colors were run at 85 lpi using 550 lpi/2.8 bcm anilox rolls; the two spot colors were run at 65 lpi using 330 lpi/6.0 bcm anilox rolls to achieve proper density for wood textures.

Judges Choice Award-Structural


The Box Maker Inc., Kent, WA, earns the Judges Choice Award for structure for its radome shipping container, which was entered in the category of Innovative Structural Design/Industrial Focus. The converter was required to package the 70-lb radome unit without the use of foam materials, and all packaging material had to be environmentally friendly.

“We were able to incorporate Esko's Artios CAD 3-D module throughout the design process,” the company reports. “The physical unit was not available. Instead, we were able to use the supplied 3-D model of the radome and intersect that model with our packaging in 3-D space. The result was a package design that fit the radome precisely. It passed the shipping test conducted by customer.”

A Promo That Pops


In creating this entry in the Best Corrugated Self-Promotion category, Jamestown Container Co., Rochester, NY, stretched the talents of its Hycorr and Bobst equipment and its assembly team, designers, and suppliers. Structurally, the piece was a challenge due to the necessity to incorporate a pop-up effect with a storage area for samples, an insert for giveaway items, ease of assembly, and the ability to ship the item in a standard FedEx carton. The team collaborated with graphic and structural designers at CSW Inc., Ludlow, MA, to meet these goals.

The finished product is constructed from two die-cut folders with the popcorn tray and extra screen cut from the scrap areas. The car's tail fins are rubber-band loaded to force the piece to self-assemble when opened and to hold it in the open position when it sits on the customer's desk.

The piece is made of two three-color printed sheets with a spot varnish applied on the second pass, with all printing done on a Hycorr HyGraphics rotary die-cutter. The printing plates were 0.107 Epic plate material mounted on R-bak with 120 lpi Agfa Graphic's :Sublima XM screening, furnished by CSW.

The inks performed as needed in the trap areas and held density throughout the run to maintain the colors and desired finished look. The 3D cowboy and robot images pop off the screen as colors are intentionally printed slightly out of register to achieve the anaglyphic 3D effect with the supplied glasses.

A Shape That Sells


Central Graphics & Container Group, Mississauga, ON, Canada, scored big points with its customer, Molsons Canada, for a 15-can football pack entered in the category of Innovative Structural Design-PRODUCTSConsumer Focus. Designed to address the decline in multi-serve can packs in convenience stores, the converter reports the promotion was so successful the product was sold out one month in advance of forecast.

The graphics were designed to mirror the look of a football, dimples and all. Direct print offset was chosen as the print method to reproduce the authentic leather look of the football as well as to give the client flexibility in order quantities.

The structure was shaped to complement the football look and feel. Besides the uniqueness in the structure's shape, the key was that it incorporated a stress release feature in the handle area (no reinforcement or other materials required). It fits in the fridge well and has a die-cut integral zipper dispenser that's easy to open and releases one can at a time.

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