Great-Looking Winners Raise In-Mold Awareness


The In-Mold Decorating Assn. says its mission is to “raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and packaging by OEMs, end-users, and marketers.” To that end, the association recently presented its 2007 awards at the conference sponsored jointly with Alexander Watson Assoc. in Scottsdale October 10-12. The winners, which were showcased at Pack Expo Las Vegas, are presented below with IMDA's remarks.

  1. Best of Show Award

    One-Kg Yogurt Tub; National Foods Limited (Australia); VIP Packaging. The challenge in designing this innovative Yoplait package was to differentiate the product in the marketplace. This was done through unique on-pack tamper evidence, custom-designed comfort grip, pouring spout and stand-out, photo-quality in-mold labeling.

  2. Best Part Design

    Gelato Cup & Lid; Wells' Dairy-Blue Bunny Brand Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties; Cups4You USA. Wells' Dairy created a package with a unique shape in the ice cream category, which is transparent enough to let the beauty of the product show through. The label is designed to work flawlessly with the 3D geometry of the container and to reflect the product's Italian heritage while maintaining the Blue Bunny brand image.

  3. Best Thin Wall Packaging

    Pasta Sauce Container; Olivieri Foods, div. of Canada Bread; North America IML Containers. These are evocative of high quality pasta sauces from a fine Italian restaurant. The five-sided in-mold labels in rich Italian colors allow viewing of the product under a dramatic and elegant lid design.

  4. Best IMD Durable Product

    Baby Pacifiers; Evenflo; IGH Solutions. In designing these eye-catching pacifiers, special consideration was given to gating, parting line, in-mold label placement, and retention to allow for an exceptional lenticular effect. This product is an example of effective in-mold decoration of very small parts.

  5. Best Label Design

    Soft Drink Stadium Cup; The Coca-Cola Co.; Hammer Packaging. This large stadium cup was challenging to mold consistently without the label shifting position or wrinkling in the mold while maintaining good post- mold durability. The printing process was adjusted carefully to achieve desired cure of the UV black background ink. The result is a dramatic presentation for the Academy Awards.

Judges included Yolanda Simonsis, associate publisher/editor of PFFC, Clare Goldsberry, writer for Modern Plastics and Injection Molding magazines, and Ron Romanik, editor of Package Design magazine.

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