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New Products for the Narrow Web Converting Industry

Imprinter Offers Consistent Quality on Repeat Impression
JMD Mfg. , Framingham, MA; 508/620-6563; jmdmfg.com
CC Series imprinters offer improved legibility with consistent print quality on repeated impressions, mfr. reports. The printers offer quick-change type holders for frequent changing of the print message, and a calibrated ink cartridge holder said to allow better adjustment for clear, sharp, and legible prints. A 4-oz disposable ink cartridge allows rollers to be inked continuously but only while the machine is printing actively. Imprinters can be used as a semi-automatic marking system or in a fully automatic mode when mounted on a form/fill system. They provide imprinting with precise registration on cartons, labels, and bags for top, size, or bottom coding.

Matte Topcoated PE Film Offers Versatile Printability
FLEXcon Co., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
COMPUcal EXCEL 21440 matte, topcoated, 2.0-mil, white polyester film is printable via wax, resin, and wax/resin thermal transfer, laser, impact, and EB, as well as conventional and UV ink systems. The matte topcoat extends die life, according to the mfr., giving customers greater than four times as many die revolutions before retooling. Film is coated with an aggressive, high-shear, high-peel permanent adhesive that reportedly resists cold flow and ooze and bonds well to a wide range of surfaces. It is backed with a 50# bleach kraft roll form liner suitable for label sensing systems used with most thermal transfer printers.

Direct Thermal Stock Offers Improved Resolution
Raflatac, Fletcher, NC; 828/651-4800; raflatac.com
Direct Thermal ECO p-s label stock provides improved print resolution for high-speed printers, even at low energy, co. reports. This 6.2-mil material construction combines a non-topcoated, non-smudgeproof facestock with mfr.'s RP51 permanent adhesive and a 2.5-mil kraft liner. Said to offer an economical thermal paper option with standard sensitivity for short-life labels and labeling in dry environments. Suited for applications such as retail, point-of-sale, warehousing, dispatch labels, and deli and dry corrugated box labeling applications. Stock is suitable for a wide range of print processes, including water-based flexo, offset, screen, and UV (ultraviolet) letterpress.

Adhesives Offer Options for POP Applications
MACtac , Stow, OH; 330/688-1111;mactac.com
Starliner products feature a wide variety of p-s (pressure sensitive) adhesive paper, film, and synthetic sheets for indoor and outdoor applications, including product labels, shipping labels, name badges, bumper stickers, block-out labels, and more. A variety of UV-resistant permanent and removable adhesive types are available. Permanent acrylic adhesives are non-yellowing and feature optimal clarity for clear films, mfr. reports. Non-staining, removable acrylics are said to provide good quick stick and excellent removability from most surfaces. Starluxe product line features array of label choices with bright, white facestocks and lay-flat liners, including laser and ink jet labels, pin-fed labels, die-cut labels for offset printing, and thermal transfer labels and ribbons.

P-S Label Sheets Score Well
Labelblank Corp.
, University Pk., IL; 708/534-9600
“Scoreline” high quality, scored p-s, full-sheet labels are delivered with no die-cuts and a scored liner. Sheets are available in standard and custom sizes. They feature 60# premium facestocks, including white cougar opaque, standard white, bright white, matte litho, semi-gloss, high-gloss, badge stocks, and blockout stocks for offset printing with an 80# printable white liner. Also available in such colors as fluorescents, brilliant colors, pastels, yellow litho, and brown kraft, as well as film and foils. Special facestocks, liners, and adhesives, including removable, are available on a custom basis.

Die-Cut Easily with Laser System
Cartes Equipment
, Moglia (Mantova), Italy; +39 (0) 376 511 511; cartes.it
The Laser 350 die-cutting system for web-fed materials does not involve plates or dies. Using Corel Draw to prepare the image, the shape to be cut is programmed into the built-in computer. Has an operating speed of 400 mpm with a web width of 35 cm. CO2 semi-sealed laser system is said to require virtually no maintenance and minimal operation costs.

Gravure Subsystems Improve Other Press Performance
Chesnut Engineering
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-6995; chesnuteng.com
Gravure press subsystems can be incorporated onto existing flexo, offset, or letterpress lines. Benefits include superior metallic inks, fluorescents, and heavier white “back-up” coats, as well as in-line dry bond lamination. Systems are available in 16- and 24-in. widths, and two, four, or more colors. Each subsystem is complete with hot air dryer and integral drive. High performance drying and in-line lamination may be incorporated.

Wash Unit Designed for Label Printers
Max Daetwyler Corp
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
The Renzmann Washing Machine Type 50 compact cleaning unit is designed specifically for label printers. This spray washer cleans ink pans, doctor blade holders, and splash guards in an automated cycle of 15 to 20. Unit is said to work without constant monitoring. Reported advantages: stainless steel construction; compact size (38.4 × 19.7 × 11.8 in.); easy-access hinged top lid; pneumatic timer to set wash times; efficient 7.5-hp electric motor pump; and easy “plug and wash” setup.

Film Stocks Available in Various Colors, Textures
International Graphic Films
, Hudson, OH; 800/490-4350; igf-films.com
PE, PP, and vinyl facestocks are available in a variety of colors and surfaces, including holographic, prismatic, sparklebrite, metallized, white, and clear. All are topcoated for exceptional printability, mfr. reports. Facestocks are available in thicknesses of 1-3.5 mil. All have a silicone-treated, 50# kraft liner said to provide a more controlled label release from water-based adhesives.

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