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Recover Solvents with Safety
The RotoMAX solvent recovery system is offered in six sizes, with an output from 10-300 gal/hr, depending on solvent type and system size. Features self-contained units of explosion-proof construction for distillation of contaminated flammable and non-flammable solvents. Solids contamination can be as high as 70%. Also can process nitrocellulose contaminated products safely.

  • Max Daetwyler Corp. | 800-627-1011 | daetwyler.com | PFFC-ASAP 400
  • PSAs for Coating Offered
    Company offers ready-to-use, dispersion-based and solvent-borne PSAs for self-adherent coating of web-shaped materials. Provides additives for PSAs such as crosslinks, resin dispersions, solid resins, release agents, etc., as well as hot melts and PURs.

  • Planatol | +49 (0) 8031 720-256 | planatol.com | PFFC-ASAP 401
  • Clear, Strong Adhesives
    OCAV3 and OCALT PSAs are said to offer high clarity, uniformity, and bonding strength. Suited for pigmenting and designed to laminate rough and smooth optical enhancement films to flexible or rigid materials.

  • Exopack Advanced Coatings | 704-847-9171 | exopackadvancedcoatings.com | PFFC-ASAP 402
  • Rupture Disks Relieve Pressure
    Rupture disks provide emergency relief of excess pressure buildup in a system by rupturing instantaneously at a specific, predetermined pressure range. Designed for use in extrusion applications, products are available for burst pressures from 1,500–15,000 psi and are said to have an accuracy of ┬▒5%. Melt temperatures to 750 deg F are standard.

  • Dynisco | 508-541-9450 | dynisco.com | PFFC-ASAP 403
  • Get Adhesive Consistency
    LA 820 RC liquid adhesive-dispensing electric guns are said to maintain consistent bead length in high-speed intermittent production. Reduced cavity design reportedly provides sharp adhesive cutoff to help eliminate stickers and improve product quality. Elongated nozzle allows positioning close to carriers to increase production flexibility.

  • Nordson Corp. | 770-497-3425 | nordson.com | PFFC-ASAP 404
  • Hot Foil Stamp with Speed
    The Foilmaster 104 hot foil stamping press reportedly meets requirements for productivity, speed, makeready time, and production quality. Heating capacity has been doubled and allied with a Bernoulli sheet braking system. Press runs at speeds to 8,000 sheets/hr. Said to offer precise foil-to-print register.

  • Bobst Group North America | 973-226-8000 | bobstgroup.com | PFFC-ASAP 405
  • Material Resists Graffiti
    Protective overlaminate graffiti-resistant material 7248 features a proprietary coating said to offer excellent resistance to permanent marker, crayon, spray paint, and ballpoint pen. Company reports graffiti will come off with minimal effort. Tough, antiglare finish offers resistance to solvent and abrasions.

  • 3M | 800-422-8116 | 3m.com/converter | PFFC-ASAP 406
  • Reduce Time To Change Rolls
    Felt rolls with custom bearing housings allow for upright or inverted configurations. Time required to change and install rolls is reduced as rolls arrive ready to install with assembled bearings. Roll installation requires no modification of existing machinery, framework, or bearing lubrication hoses. Rolls typically are balanced for speeds to 10,000 fpm.
    PFE Rolls | 978-544-7803 | pferolls.com | PFFC-ASAP 407

  • Software Upgrade Announced
    Version 7.2 of Tori-Flex flexible packaging-specific software is said to offer users the ability to better input, track, and maintain data. Almost every module has been enhanced, and new global features include multi-currency capabilities, metric and imperial measurements, taxation, and more.
  • Plastisoft | 416-667-9292 | plastisoft.com | PFFC-ASAP 408
  • Alignment Kit is Offered
    Dual-axis machinery alignment kit for parallelism includes the 90-Line laser squaring attachment for checking machine beds, vertical cutting machinery, roll parallelism, squaring slides and gantries, and measuring geometric parameters. Kit is described as compact, easy to set up, and versatile. Suited for aligning rollers on converting and laminating lines and more.

  • Pinpoint Laser Systems | 800-757-5383 | pinlaser.com | PFFC-ASAP 409
  • Premium Papers are “Green”
    Beckett Expression and Beckett Concept premium papers are carbon neutral and manufactured with wind-generated electricity. Company says this means they are made entirely with renewable energy. Line features new shades, expanded basis weights, including new extra-heavy cover weights, and new digital papers with i-Tone.

  • Mohawk Fine Papers | 800-the-mill | mohawkpaper.com | PFFC-ASAP 410

  • Hot Melt Units Are Flexible
    M-Series hot melt adhesive melters are said to deliver flexibility, performance, and durability. Units are market-standard compatible and are offered in various tank sizes for a wide range of applications. PLC-based control technology is standard.

  • Shure-Glue/Melton Systems, a Valco Cincinnati co. | 513-874-5581 | shure-glue.com | PFFC-ASAP 411

  • Attachment Levels Loads
    Automatic load leveling attachment is designed to attach to company’s patented Tip Lift roll-handling unit. Leveler assures the frame of the Tip Lift is held in a vertical position perpendicular to the floor while handling rolls to 2,000 lbs. Adjusts the hoist hook attachment point horizontally as position of the roll changes, to maintain the proper position of the Tip Lift.

  • Tilt-Lock | 800/999-8458 | tiltlock.com | PFFC-ASAP 412
  • Hot Melt PSA Offers Clarity
    Duro-Tak 34-659B hot melt PSA, suited for both wide and narrow web applications, reportedly exhibits excellent clarity on polyolefin films and is ideal for use in clear film label, overlay, decal, and PE bag closure applications. The adhesive meets the compositional requirements of the FDA’s Indirect Food Additive regulations and is said to provide excellent resistance to pasteurization, water, cold temperatures, and flagging (wing-up) in curved surface applications.

  • National Adhesives | 800-797-4992 | nationalstarch.com | PFFC-ASAP 413
  • Extract, Handle Shafts Safely
    The electric SP-3100 Coyote cantilevered shaft puller is designed for the extraction and handling of expanding shafts and chucks from a finished roll and the loading of new cores. Unit comprises a motorized carriage on wheels with a vertically sliding shaft support base. Safety features are included.

  • Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 | goldrod.com | PFFC-ASAP 414
  • Proofing Attachment Available
    The Sidewinder attachment for company’s Perfect Proofer systems allows ink technicians to reposition stock easily for a coating pass after any water-based or UV ink has been proofed. Proofing head works in combination with system’s precision speed and nip controls so operators can build an accurate fingerprint of any print station.

  • Integrity Engineering | 763-856-4040 | perfectproofer.com | PFFC-ASAP 415
  • Papers Meet Green Standards
    Company announces a broadened line of Utopia papers certified by SmartWood for Forest Stewardship Council environmental standards. Line includes U2:XG, featuring 30% post-consumer recovered fiber and created with renewable energy, and Utopia Premium, offered in gloss, silk, and ivory silk in a variety of text and cover weights to 150# cover.

  • Appleton Coated | 888-488-6742 | appletoncoated.com | PFFC-ASAP 416
  • Adhesive Resists Salt Water
    A water-based acrylic dispersion, permanent-923, is solvent-free and provides permanent adhesion of p-s labels. Said to meet requirements for resistance to sea water. Withstands a temperature range of –5 to +80 deg C and has excellent initial tack.

  • VPF | +49 (0) 2339-1205-0 | vpf.de | PFFC-ASAP 417
  • Sleeve Keeps Substrates Safe
    The Jemm-Trac Traction Roll Sleeve provides a tacky surface that will keep rolls turning and prevent them from marking or scratching substrates, company says. By eliminating the need for tapes and cork, roller coverings slide easily over existing idler rolls, making them suitable for most applications.

  • Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | jemmco.com | PFFC-ASAP 418
  • Add Benefits to Nonwovens
    EastONE technologies and performance polymers are said to enable production of the next generation in microfiber nonwovens. Renewable and bio-based cellulose esters provide a wide range of film properties when used as coatings on nonwovens or in bicomponent fibers, including improved dyeability, breatheability, and comfort.

  • Eastman Chemical Co. | 423-224-0538 | eastman.com | PFFC-ASAP 419
  • Slit Without Sticky Waste
    FS film slitters are heavy-duty machines that slit without rewinding. Designed to slit rolls of protection film, PE, coated and uncoated plastic films, silicone paper, and more. Cutting rate and rotational speed of material and blade are set and controlled automatically via the PLC. Design feature stops the buildup of any sticky waste material in cutting section. Featured at the K Show, October 24–31, in D├╝sseldorf, Germany.

  • ALS Ltd. | +44 (0) 1933 225 755 | als.ltd.uk | PFFC-ASAP 420

  • Extruder Suited for Coextrusion
    The Yellow Jacket vertical extruder series is said to feature excellent balanced weight distribution to help prevent “tipovers.” Design also allows the use of double reduction helical gearboxes with shaved ground and hardened gears. Processors now are able to run engineering and highly filled resins in coextrusion applications, which require high levels of screw torque.

  • Wayne Machine & Die Co. | 973-256-7374 | waynemachine.com | PFFC-ASAP 421

  • Get High Peel, Shear Properties
    ADMTack PSAs for low-weight coating applications provide exceptional peel and shear properties, company reports, and can be used at film thicknesses as low as 0.0005-0.001 in., or 8–16 lbs/ream. Benefits of these water-based adhesives are said to include lower processing costs and significant energy savings.

  • ADM Tronics | 201-767-6040 | admtronics.com | PFFC-ASAP 422
  • Formulate Water-Based Inks
    The Premo Concept for the packaging industry comprises a selected series of highly concentrated mono pigmented base inks plus a range of functional extenders, performance-enhancing additives, and overprint varnishes. These can be blended to formulate all types of water-based printing inks for corrugated and solid boards, bags, wraps, flexible and liquid packaging, envelopes, and tissues.

  • Flint Group | +49 711 9816 230 | flintgrp.com | PFFC-ASAP 423
  • Improve UV Process Control
    The BlueWave 200 UV curing spot lamp offers a feature that allows simple, manual intensity adjustment during initial UV process validation and production. Permits engineers to evaluate the full range of intensity produced by the lamp, from 0%-100%, so upper and lower intensity limits of curing process can be identified easily in an actual production setting. Features a solid-state power supply for consistent performance.

  • Dymax Corp. | 860-482-1010 | dymax.com | PFFC-ASAP 424
  • Thermal Oxidizers are Efficient
    Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) will destroy up to 99% of harmful VOCs/HAPs present in process air streams, company says. Available with airflow capacities from 3,000–100,000 scfm+, units provide thermal efficiencies to 97%. Secondary add-on heat recovery systems designed to utilize the 250–1,500 deg of heat energy normally vented out the stack can be incorporated into a new RTO or retrofit into existing equipment.

  • The CMM Group | 920-336-9800 | thecmmgroup.com | PFFC-ASAP 425
  • Save Rolls from Damaged Cores
    The Roll Restorer helps converters salvage roll products on damaged or crushed cores. Uses hydraulic pressure to re-form damaged cores from 2–12 in. I.D. dia. Mobile carts provide ease of storage and mobility while carrying all expander heads and flanges for different core sizes.

  • Nim-Cor | 888-464-6267 | nimcor.com | PFFC-ASAP 426
  • Graphic Film is Durable
    Hammered Leaf is a self-adhering graphic film suited for a variety of uses, including jewelry and cosmetics packaging and displays. Film is created using company’s “second surface” manufacturing process, which yields a customizable, print-ready surface called ideal for silk screening and inkjet printing. Films are body colored, guaranteeing even, durable color that stays true despite wear and tear.

  • Creative Film Corp. | 732-367-2166 | creativefilmcorp.com | PFFC-ASAP 427
  • Laser Cutting System Does It All
    The Finecut-PLUS laser cutting system integrates laser cutting, laminating, slitting, and scrap web removal. Company says fully integrated controls provide registration precision and versatile handling of a wide range of substrates without burn-throughs, pinholes, or other defects. System has the capacity for single-pass finishing and is configured to work in-line with digital printers.

  • Spartanics | 847-394-5700 | spartanics.com | PFFC-ASAP 428
  • Graphic Resource is On-Line
    The Designer’s Toolbox is an on-line resource for graphic artists that design shopping bags and retail packaging. This tool brings together an extensive library of construction techniques, material descriptions, and general printing specs in a step-by-step process. Available 24/7, website is said to aid the creative process from initial concept through printing and converting. Visit modernarts.com for password access.

  • Modern Arts | 518-828-6800 | shoppingbags.com | PFFC-ASAP 429
  • Adhesive is Recyclable
    RCA220 recycling-compatible adhesive for paper labels is designed to meet the recyclability requirements of the federal government. Featured on seven in-stock paper face materials and can be offered on other specialty papers with RCA220 acrylic permanent adhesives.

  • Technicote | 800-358-4448 | technicote.com | PFFC-ASAP 430

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