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Tapes Suited for Tough Uses
RIVERHEAD, NY | The 7740 Series of high-shear, high-temperature adhesive transfer tapes from Adchem Corp. reportedly has demonstrated resistance to thermal cycling, salt solution, acid, brake fluid, and UV environments. The tapes are part of the company’s range of bonding solutions for automotive, construction, electronics, and general industrial applications. All tapes are said to feature excellent adhesion to metals and plastics, including low-surface-energy substrates.

RF-Based Security Agreement
THOROFARE, NJ | Checkpoint Systems announces a strategic agreement with RENO, part of the European shoe retailer HR group. The agreement includes an extensive source tagging program and the installation of RF-based security systems in 700 stores across six countries.

According to Checkpoint, RF-based solutions featuring integrated source tagging give retailers more cost-effective security and allow more open merchandising without fear of increased theft.

Checkpoint also says RENO will experience faster deactivation of the tagged merchandise, and customers will experience fewer false alarms due to tags that have not been properly deactivated.

Polymag Products In Europe
ROCHESTER, NY | Polymag Tek reports it is entering the European market with its Narrow Web Cleaner (NWC) family of products. The products are said to be economical and simple to use, using the company’s contact cleaning rollers in combination with its adhesive tape. Polymag has received CE certification for the NWC products.

TLMI’s New Mission, Vision
NAPERVILLE, IL | The Tag and Label Mfrs. Inst. (TLMI) approved new mission and vision statements at its recent board of directors meeting.

The mission statement is as follows: TLMI is a member-driven association strongly committed to providing business solutions that enhance the prosperity of its members and the narrow web tag, label, and packaging industries.

The vision statement says, “The premier member-driven association for the label and packaging industry.”

Commenting on the new statements, TLMI chairman John Hickey, CEO of Smyth Cos., says, “Our industry is changing rapidly. To further reinforce the association’s commitment to our membership and to the industry in general, TLMI’s new mission and vision statements more effectively reflect the association’s goal, as our industry’s most prominent member-driven trade group, to assist our membership in reaching their organizational goals and to plan effectively for the needs of tomorrow.”

Transforming Workflow
HUNTLEY, IL | HS Crocker Co. chose a multi-process Helio 6010 engraver from Stork Prints for imaging letterpress plates at its pharmaceutical label converting operation in Pennsylvania. Crocker is a supplier of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, and cartons.

The system will transform the preproduction workflow with printing forms engraved on an on-demand basis. Reportedly, this will give the company greater flexibility, reduced running costs, and improved printing quality.

The laser process images plates and sleeves in two steps, the engraving followed by rinsing. Narrow web plates reportedly can be ready in under 20 min. Exposure, chemical washing, and drying are avoided.

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    Encouraging Recycling
    ALEXANDRIA, VA | The Envelope Mfrs. Assn. has joined with the Direct Marketing Assn. and the Magazine Publishers Assn. to launch a campaign to encourage users and recipients of envelopes, cartons, and packaging products to recycle these materials. Beginning this summer, EMA member companies will add a “Please Recycle” logo to their products.

    “Most people know that newspapers are recyclable, but they don’t know that some envelopes, cartons, and packaging products are as well,” says EMA president Maynard Benjamin. EMA and its members have joined the paper industry in its commitment to recover 55% of all paper that is produced.

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