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Rewind Small Rolls
Martin Automatic, Rockford, IL; 815/654-4800;
The LRD rewind features a moving cantilevered spindle arrangement that allows rewinding and automatic doffing of rolls as small as 8 in. dia with only two spindles. AC vector drive package with dancer tension control is said to add tension accuracy and flexibility. Visit booth 7K90.

Videos Aid in Laser Cutting
Spartanics, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/394-5700;
Company is incorporating step-by-step instructional video wizards for laser cutting as semi-interactive Help Menu options on all of its Finecut Laser Cutting Systems. Designed to help overcome language barriers, videos cover topics such as camera setup, performing test shots, and job setup. Operator can interact directly with the laser system on one screen while video plays and instructs on another. Visit booth 11R117.

Cure Thick Films Quickly
GEW (EC) Ltd., Surrey, UK; +44 (0) 1737 824 500;
The XC “extreme cure” UV cassette features fully focused dichroic coated aluminum reflector and integrated clamshell shutters. Design ensures a broad UV output spectrum across both the UV and IR range, maximizing curing power. Suited for curing thick film coatings, higher heat output enables faster curing for high-speed processes. Visit booth 6H70.

Release Liners for Many Markets
Mondi Packaging, Jülich, Germany; +49 2461 623 209;
Company offers a full range of silicone-coated release liners, with a special focus on film-based liners. Applications include medical, hygiene, fibre composites, tapes, labels, graphic arts, and more. Liners can be customized for special product requirements. Visit booth 6I100, J.

Two Versions of Rewinder
Mark Andy, Chesterfield, MO; 800/700-mark;
The upgraded VSR300 inspection rewinder provides for a variety of substrates and finishing functions. Unit is enabled for slitting and finishing of p-s and filmic rolls with optional film, die-cut, dual-frame, and variable printing packages. The entry-level VSR100, called simple and economical, can be upgraded to the VSR300 and integrated within print and finishing workflow. Visit booth 5C10.

Clean Single- or Double-Sided
Teknek, Inchinnan, Scotland; +44 (0) 141 568 8100;
The XCH Just-in-Time cleaner can be configured for both single- and double-sided cleaning at any angle. Can be used in-line with most coating and laminating processes. Reportedly, contaminants are easily removed, as roller penetrates boundary air layer of films. Because web rotates the elastomer roller, film is not scratched and user does not need to match speed with motors. Visit booth 6160.

Produce P-S Labels
ETI Converting Equipment, Boucherville, QC, Canada; 450/641-7900;
The Cohesio label line allows the production of any kind of p-s material in-house, from basic self-adhesive paper to complex multi-layer applications. Can print facestock on reverse before adhesive application, producing single-layer, no-label-look film labels, or single-layer, white PP labels with printing on both sides. Virtually any material can be used as facestock, and machine can be equipped with an in-line rotary die-cutter. Visit booth 12X100.

Slitter Suited for Label Stock
Titan, Charlotte, NC; 704/587-2450;
The SR8 cantilever slitter/rewinder is suitable for narrower width slitting of all types of label stock with Quick Shaft differential rewinds, rapid job changeovers (for shorter production runs), and web widths to 1,800 mm. AC drives are standard, and unit includes laser core positioning, auto knife positioning, rewind diameters of 600-800 mm, and running speeds to 700 mpm. Visit booth 7K130.

UV Curing with Less Energy
UV Ray, Milan, Italy; +39 (0) 2 93566066;
The water-cooled Maxwell WA UV curing system is said to provide high quality curing with very low heat on the substrate. A specially configured air duct arrangement together with a carbon filter for ozone reduces ambient air energy output, resulting in lower energy running costs. Visit booth 6J65.

Press Offers Inking Precision
Matik North America, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323;
The Viva 420 press from Codimag has a 16.5-in. web width and a 19-in. print cylinder that operates at speeds to 12,000 iph in intermittent mode. Aniflo Offset technology does not require regular adjustment, has a keyless inking system, and guarantees inking precision and stability. Visit booth 11R30.

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