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Monitor Static Neutralizer
Simco Industrial Static Control, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401;
PerforMAX 3 system monitors static neutralizing performance. Extended range performance is said to eliminate static charges even when installed 2-10 in. from web (depending on conditions) and to 20 in. on winders. Capable of neutralizing charged materials traveling to 2,500 fpm and more. Available in three configurations, including hazardous location (HL) version approved for Classes I, II, and III environments.

Make Plain or Printed Bags
Hudson-Sharp Machine Co., Green Bay, WI; 920/494-4571;
The SR-2400 is a 56-in.-wide split roll belt bag machine for the production of plain or printed side weld or bottom seal bags. Dual-lane servo draw machine is said to feature superior stacking control and handle film widths to 54 in. in single-lane configuration and 26-in. film width for split lane configuration.

Blade Holders Cut Downtime
Allison Systems Corp., Riverside, NJ; 877/461-9111;
Company provides customized gravure doctor blade holders and complete doctor blade systems. Featuring boltless doctor blade clamping, products reportedly have been proven to reduce or eliminate press downtime, set-up costs, printed waste, and dropped or lost jobs.

Handle All Folding Cartons
Heidelberg, Kennesaw, GA; 888/472-9655;
The ECO 105 folding carton gluer is said to be an ideal solution for small or large business owners entering into professional folding carton gluing. Handles all major carton types and specialty cartons and offers quick changeover ability with overlapping roller bars said to ensure steady, twist-free transport of blanks. Will be on display at Graph Expo, along with other packaging solutions, including the Varimatrix 105 CS die-cutter, the Speedmaster XL 105-6+LX press, and more. See p38 for more on Graph Expo.

Get Near-Offset Print Quality
Kodak Graphic Communications Group, Rochester, NY; 800/944-6171;
The Flexcel NX digital flexo system is said to provide near-offset print quality for package printers. Integrated system includes the Flexcel NX thermal imaging layer, a choice of Flexcel NX mid or narrow imager, modified Flexcel flexo plates, and Prinergy workflow system for packaging. On display at Graph Expo.

Measure Nip Width at 30 Points
Sensor Products, Madison, NJ; 973/884-1755;
The Sigma-Nip second-generation electronic sensor and software diagnostic maintenance tool for measuring nip width has sensors deployed on the nip surface, giving instantaneous real-time feedback on nip condition. Sensors, said to be durable and long-lasting, can measure and detect nip widths at up to 30 discreet points over the cross-direction. Software interface allows for comparative analysis and detailed adjustments while sensor is in the closed (non-rotating) nip.

Slitter Handles Many Materials
Deacro Industries, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/564-6566;
The C610A duplex cantilevered slitter/rewinder features rewind technology that includes the roll lock differential air shafts and servo-actuated lay-on roller system. Said to have the ability to rewind even the most difficult light-gauge films and complex laminates. Can be operated in a minimum gap mode for adhesives or cold seals. A narrow width option is available.

Cut Cores Automatically
CorTechnologies, Easton, PA; 800/232-2673;
The CMX11 fully automated core cutting system is designed to perform at high speeds with hands-off operation due to automatic knife adjustment. New digital user interface allows on-the-fly adjustment and controls every aspect of the machine. Will cut cores between 1 in. I.D. and 13 in. O.D. regardless of wall thickness.

Knives, Holders Last Long
Double E Co., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099;
The Espo line of knife holders, positioning systems, and knives is said to offer high cut quality, long blade life, and minimized dust. Knife holders feature mono-block design to ensure system rigidity and reduce vibration at high speeds. Rotative head allows cutting on either side of the anvil.

Dryer Ductwork is Internal
C.A. Litzler Co., Cleveland, OH; 216/267-8020;
The Compact-Split Hood is a new style Perfect Float flotation dryer with the fans and burners built in to the lower half of the dryer box. This design eliminates external ductwork that has to be installed and insulated. The unit gives complete access to the drying chamber for web-up, maintenance, and cleaning.

Print and Coat with Options
Retroflex, Wrightstown, WI; 877/532-5600;
The T-Series printer/coater can be added to an existing line or be purchased as a stand-alone unit. Can be designed to run flexo or gravure, and widths can vary from 10-60 in. wide. Speeds are to 500 fpm. Options allow unit to be web driven, tied to an existing drive, or servo driven.

Glue Corrugated with Accuracy
Nordson Corp., Duluth, GA; 800/683-2314;
Corrugated gluing stations, which support various glue application guns, are designed to hold corrugated blanks securely for accurate glue placement. Feature solid construction, a flexible design, and a floating glue application head that accommodates changes in board thicknesses and helps prevent jamming while providing better contact between corrugated boards and glue pattern plate, says company.

Doctor Blade Aids Print Quality
Max Daetwyler Corp., Huntersville, NC; 800/627-1011;
The One-Step specialty doctor blade is designed to eliminate spitting that can cause poor print quality and excessive downtime. Company says tip of the blade maintains the same quality and characteristics of a lamella edge tip, allowing thicker inks to meter normally, while strengthened base with a reduced amount of flex creates consistent ink film metering without producing an ink hydroplanning effect behind the blade.

Improve Nonwoven Web Quality
Cognex Corp., Natick, MA; 508/650-4141;
SmartView Web Quality Monitoring (WQM) automatically measures web quality and formation characteristics of any nonwoven material. Technology uses previously recorded sample images of different web quality levels to determine the quality of the material as it is being produced.

Calibrated Depth Knob Offered
Mario Cotta, Cincinnati, OH; 800/792-9302;
The Gold Series knife holder features an advanced calibrated depth knob to reduce downtime and increase efficiency and accuracy. User dials in the blade diameter to reposition the knife holder automatically. Since blade diameter changes after every regrind, this feature eliminates the need for operator to reposition holder manually.

New Sizes In Anilox Cleaners
Flexo Concepts, Plymouth, MA; 508/830-9506;
Company reports the addition of two new MicroClean models, 60 and 90, for anilox cleaning to provide sizes suited to the mid- and wide web sleeve markets. Both models are available with a dual-gun for faster cleaning, SmartDrive for quicker setup, and adapters for anilox sleeves.

Change Slitting Jobs Quickly
Profama North America, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/358-8500;
The Practica slitter/rewinder features dual-shaft rewind turrets for quick and easy job changeovers. Customer can select from razor in air, razor in a groove, shear, or score cutting. Shaftless unwinder with electronic web guide accommodating 3- or 6-in. cores is available. Working widths are from 46-67 in.; mechanical speed is 2,460 fpm.

Remove and Chop Trim
Converter Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413;
The Fox Combo is a combination trim removal and chopper system that ships as a single, complete unit. Combines company’s venturi-based Fox TrimAway with its TrimAX, a two-bladed chopper capable of 3,450 cuts/min. The two systems are both mounted on a sturdy but movable framework and are designed to be used together or independently.

Knifeholder Self-Calibrates
Tidland, Camas, WA; 800/426-1000;
The e-Knifeholder has electronic features that self-calibrate overlap and side force to minimize the potential for error. Proper settings reduce blade wear, downtime, and operating costs. Easy-to-understand graphical user interface is said to reduce set-up times and improve overall safety.

Press Suited for Many Sectors
Uteco North America, Kennesaw, GA; 770/427-4100;
The Emerald press can be equipped in-line with both rotogravure and flexo printing units for special lacquering or coating or to apply adhesives suitable for on-line printing lamination. In SIL (stack-in-line) version and combined with gravure and converting units, press is suitable for applications in folding carton, fluid packaging, flexible packaging, and aluminum printing sectors.

Regrinding Service Offered
Dienes Corp., Spencer, MA; 800/345-4038;
Standard shear and crush blade regrinding service will regrind the first set of knives (ten maximum) free of charge (new customers only). Company guarantees a “just like new” cutting edge and provides a seven-day or sooner turnaround.

Power Supplies Easy to Install
Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070;
Compak 2000 power supplies now are available with advanced graphic display interfaces. Control schemes are said to simplify installation and operation by integrating many functions such as watt density control and station diagnostics with standard operations into a single operator interface.

Print Gravure with Automation
Rotomec, Monferrato, Italy; +39 (0)142 4071;
The MW60/80 gravure press has a web width of 23.6 and 31.5 in. Maximum speed is 820 fpm. Features simplex or duplex unwinders and rewinders and is designed for front loading of printing cylinders ranging from traditional hollow or lightweight cylinders to thin sleeve technology. Automation reportedly makes press easy to operate and quick to change over.

Slitter Safe for Aseptic Uses
Proslit/Comexi Group, Girona, Spain; +34 972 477 744;
The Compack2 slitter/rewinder has a compact design and allows either a twin or interchangeable slitting system. Offers core setups with laser adjustment and a shaftless unwind. Company says machine can be used in aseptic environments, including the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sensors Provide a Wide View
Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; 800/639-3433;
Wide band sensors maintain web alignment in applications with web width variation. TruWide Sensor technology provides a wide view to accommodate center guiding or edge guiding with proportional band widths ranging from 2.6-20.28 in. and 16-bit resolution for high accuracy, reports company.

Brake Self-Checks
MAGPOWR, Oklahoma City, OK; 800/624-7697;
The Smart Brake is a pneumatic brake with self-check functions for pad-wear and heat detection. Features a redesigned exterior for easy maintenance to improve efficiency on the unwind.

Jogger/Aerator Works Anywhere
Automatän, Plover, WI; 715/341-6501;
Model 6500GL jogger/aerator is designed to turn, jog, square, aerate, and clean loads of paper. It is built to be placed directly on the floor anywhere in the plant, so loads can be rolled in and out easily with a pallet jack. On display at Graph Expo.

Inspect Labels with QA
Advanced Vision Technology, Atlanta, GA; 770/541-9780;
PrintVision Helios automatic 100% inspection system for label printing recognizes every label contour and character area. Provides an Automatic Quality Assurance Station on the rewinder or other finishing equipment. System is linked directly to the finishing equipment, allowing clear and fixed control of the roll. With digital defect buffer, operator can view defects vs. master at any time.

Monitor Eight Sensors at Once
Dover Flexo Electronics, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150;
The 8-Pak multi-channel indicator is a compact web tension display device for use on a multistation web press or on converting and winding machinery. Eight backlit LCD graphic displays on the front panel read out tension from eight tension transducer (sensor) inputs that can be monitored simultaneously. Digital meters simulate analog dial readouts.

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