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Fighting Wine Fraud
Wineries in Napa Valley are very proud of their products, which means the growing threat from counterfeiters is high on their list of concerns. That’s why four companies—Colgin Cellars, HL Vineyards, Vineyard 29, and Staglin Family Vineyard—are using high-tech anticounterfeiting technology from Kodak to protect their products.

Ann Colgin, owner of Colgin Cellars, has not yet experienced any problems, but she is taking no chances. “Kodak worked closely with me to quickly develop and implement a solution that met my demanding production schedule. Within 45 days, Kodak evaluated solution options, conducted a pilot test, delivered a proposal, and implemented a solution that protects [our] products.”

The Kodak technology uses invisible markers that can be added to printing inks, paper, and other packaging elements, and are detectable only with proprietary handheld readers. The readers are leased to customers and delivered in tamperproof packaging.

HL Vineyards owner Jennifer Lamb says, “This system enables us to quickly and easily determine if a suspect bottle is authentic or fake.…[it] fits our needs because it’s simple yet robust.” Chuck McMinn, owner of Vineyard 29, adds, “Kodak was quick to adapt their technology to our specific needs. Our anticounterfeiting solution does not interfere with the process we use to bottle our wines—it only enhances the product by ensuring the authenticity of our wines to our customers.”

Kodak—PFFC-ASAP 399.

Micro-Embed Hidden Images
Henderson Engineering, Worsley, Manchester, UK; +44 (0) 161 7990900;
Company’s custom-made embossing machines use Hidden Image (HIT) micro-embedding software from Nautilus Security Technologies designed to transform anti-counterfeiting measures for the packaging industry. Any kind of image, including inks, can be micro-embedded onto a print cylinder or die. A PDF image of a brand, logo, graphic, message, or design is converted by the HIT algorithm and used to produce the die or engraving. Images can be viewed using an inexpensive lens, company says.

Holograms for Security & More
XSYS Print Solutions, Plymouth, MN; 763/559-5911;
HolographINK is a specialty imaging process said to provide an eye-catching holographic effect without the need to print on an expensive holographic material. Can be used for brand recognition, security, anti-counterfeiting, or decorative applications. Company says single-component process can create many holographic colors and patterns on many substrates with fine detail and accurate positioning.

Design Solution Foils Counterfeiters
Agfa Graphics, Ridgefield Pk., NJ; 201/373-4848;
:Secuseal NT-based Adobe Illustrator CS compatible plug-in offers a security design solution for the packaging market. Company says software adds covert and overt images to make it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate the design exactly as the original. Because the security is added during the design stage, there are no extra production costs involved.

Markers Add Levels of Security
ARmark Authentication Technologies, Glen Rock, PA; 717/227-5920;
Covert markers can be customized to deliver specific authentication solutions and are said to offer infinite possibilities for unique coding. Reported to be nearly impossible to replicate or reverse engineer, markers are available in food-grade and pharmaceutical excipient-grade forms and provide buried levels of security. Compatible with other covert/overt ID technologies and function in a broad range of environmnents, such as hot or cold temperatures.

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