First Glance

BETTER Blisters

Curwood, Oshkosh, WI, says its IntegraShield films are ideal for replacing paperboard in blister packs for high-value household, office, and personal-care goods. Films offer high-performance fusion-seal lidding technology compatible with various grades of PET materials for high-end thermoformed blisters. Reportedly, performance benefits include esthetics, tamper resistance, and productivity. In addition, company says films weigh in at a fraction of paperboard, creating an opportunity for source reduction and freight savings.

Double Your Pleasure

Double-seam technology from Gilbreth, Croydon, PA, combines dissimilar large and small packages together as a single unit. Company says the shrink-sleeve technology presents a high-impact, low-cost, extra-value promotional presentation for marketers of many products packaged in bottles, jars, tubes, and cartons. The shrink bond provides the consumer with fully visible 360-deg label access to each component, eliminating the need for pamphlets, outserts, and overpackaging. Labels can be affixed to on-side, on-front, on-back, or on-top positions.

The Right Resin

It's only fitting that the DVD of Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning, should be packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. The traditional thermoformed DVD case is replaced with 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard jackets fitted in clear sleeves made from 1.6-mil EarthFirst PLA film from Plastic Suppliers. The film is made with NatureWorks PLA resin produced from 100% field corn grown in the US. The film is compostable and reportedly offers many other environmental benefits.
Supplier Information:
Plastic Suppliers — PFFC-ASAP 310.

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